Armpit Fat: Say Goodbye to Axillary Fat With These 5 Methods The image shows a woman wearing a bra, showing armpit fat.

Armpit Fat: Say Goodbye to Axillary Fat With These 5 Methods

December 28. 2023

Many of us have dealt with stubborn armpit fat – that extra fat that bulges over your bra. It makes clothes look unflustered, wearing a swimsuit becomes a nightmare, and it can take a toll on your self-esteem. Armpit fat doesn’t discriminate against body sizes; women with thin bodies also experience extra fatty tissue under their armpits. Even women who stay fit may have it because armpit fat is really tricky to get rid of, even with exercise.

Do you want to say goodbye to armpit fat for good? My weight loss clinic in Chicago can help you get rid of excess fat and regain your self-confidence.

What is armpit fat?

Armpit fat, also known as axillary fat, results from excess fatty tissue that accumulates under the armpits. It creates the appearance of folds coming out of your armpit, making it a point of self-consciousness for most women. Axillary fat rolls make themselves especially notable when you wear certain items, such as sports bras, sleeveless tops, or tank tops. That leads to many women changing their clothing choices to hide the armpit area.

Axillary fat tissue tends to resist exercise and diet. That type of fat is most common among adult women, and armpit fat usually gets worse as we age.

What causes armpit fat?

Axillary fat is a trick one; sometimes, it isn’t even fat cells but axillary breast tissue. Therefore, regardless of your best efforts to lose weight and only having healthy Christmas treats on the holidays, you still see that problem area. Let’s explore the reasons and lifestyle factors that add up to axillary fat deposits.


Hereditary and genetic factors significantly determine our body fat distribution. Several studies confirm that genetic factors will most likely determine where your body will store fat. That said, if your relatives, such as your mom or grandmother, had large fat deposits under the upper arm, leading to armpit fat, you are more prone to also experience axillary fat.


As I mentioned, armpit fat affects bodies of all sizes; regardless if you are slim or overweight, you can still have axillary fat tissue. However, women who have extra pounds or have recently experienced significant weight gain are more susceptible to developing armpit fat.

If you are overweight or have excess fat, and your body has a genetic tendency to store subcutaneous fat under the arms or the upper body, you will likely end up with axillary fat. To treat those trouble areas, you can resort to diet, exercise, and weight loss supplements, such as Saxenda for weight loss.

However, to efficiently lose that annoying axillary fat bra bulge, losing fat throughout the whole body would be best.

Axillary breast tissue

Sometimes, breast tissue likes to masquerade as armpit fat. That peculiar, and most times annoying, type of breast tissue is called axillary breast tissue. What is axillary breast tissue? The tissue developed outside the chest, typically around the armpit or axilla area.

Armpit fat and axillary breast tissue are often referred to as the same, but they are not. It is crucial you learn to differentiate them since the weight loss methods you use to get rid of them will differ. Here are some key differences between armpit fat and breast tissue:

  • While armpit fat feels soft to the touch, axillary breast tissue feels fibrous.
  • Glandular breast tissue is more sensitive and responds faster to hormonal changes, appearing suddenly, making us confuse it with armpit fat.
  • Armpit fat doesn’t change due to hormone fluctuations but is susceptible to overall health and body weight.


Breast tissue is susceptible to hormonal fluctuations; even the slightest change can increase fat accumulation. Hormonal fluctuations associated with puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause can be the reason behind your armpit fat rolls.

An alteration in the production of hormones progesterone or estrogen can cause your breast tissue to swell. For example, during pregnancy, the body releases prolactin to enlarge the breasts and prepare them for milk production and breastfeeding. That natural event may, unfortunately, lead to underarm fat that is actually breast tissue.

The natural events a woman’s body may undergo lead to hormonal changes that can contribute to underarm fat, increased breast tissue, and changes in skin elasticity.

How to get rid of armpit fat for good

The armpit area is a tricky one to lose fat. While many people resort to surgery, you also have non-surgical weight loss procedures that are highly effective. Take a look at these treatment options that are proven to be highly efficient in getting rid of axillary fat:

Best types of exercises for armpit fat

Regular physical activity and a healthy diet have been proven repeatedly to be the best method to lose weight and achieve a healthy weight. But, since axillary fat is so stubborn, what exercise method should you practice? In the discussion cardio vs. strength training for weight loss, which will give you better results?

The best is to stick to cardio exercises when trying to lose armpit fat. However, strength training will help you tone the muscles under your armpits, so don’t discard that type of exercise altogether.

  • Pushups: The old classic pushups are the best exercise to say goodbye to armpit fat. Besides helping you lose axillary fat, this exercise targets many muscles at once, including the ones in your upper arms, shoulders, and chest.
  • Jumping jacks: Jumping jacks is another excellent and fun exercise to lose axillary fat. This exercise also targets your hands, belly, hips, legs, and glutes, making it one of the most complete cardio exercises.
  • Mountain climbers: This exercise puts pressure on your arms, helping you burn excess fat under the armpits.
  • Superman: The superman helps to balance your weight while toning the area around your arms and underarms.
  • Plank rotations: This is one of the best endurance workouts to tone your arms and get rid of stubborn axillary fat tissue.
  • Triceps exercises: The triceps are the muscles in your upper arms; by shaping them, you can get rid of loose skin under your armpit after fat loss. You can target this muscle area with triceps press or extension exercises.

Some people add thermogenic fat burners to their workout routines to see better results in tricky areas. Always consult with your dietitian or personal trainer before taking any supplement to enhance your workouts.

Adjust your posture

Poor posture won’t cause armpit fat, but it can make it more evident. Standing up straight will help reduce the look of extra fat or breast tissue under the armpits. You can work on your posture through exercise and posture corrector bras.

Cool Sculpting

Cool sculpting is a non-invasive weight loss method, excellent for targeting specific areas where you have trouble burning fat. This method freezes cells and puts them into a death phase (apoptosis). During apoptosis, your body metabolizes fat and discards it through the lymphatic system.

Red light therapy

Another non-invasive weight loss method that is increasingly gaining popularity is lipomelt red light therapy. Red light has countless health benefits, from antiaging to body fat reduction. Since you can choose which body areas to treat, you can use this effective method to target armpit fat.

Armit fat removal surgery

The last method is undergoing armpit fat removal surgery. Those procedures are often reserved for obese or overweight individuals or those who didn’t achieve axillary fat loss through non-surgical methods.

Some surgical armpit removal methods include armpit liposuction, underarm lift (brachioplasty), and laser lipo.

Final thoughts

Not too many people talk about armpit fat as they do with belly or tight fat. However, excess fat under the armpits can make you too self-conscious while wearing a swimsuit or your favorite clothing items. While axillary fat is prevalent among adult women, and it doesn’t threaten your physical health, it can have an impact on your self-esteem.

How do you feel about the 5 methods to tackle axillary fat mentioned in this article? Do you need a personalized approach to lose armpit fat for good? Schedule a call with me; my team will roadmap the perfect plan for you to lose stubborn axillary fat.

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