B12 shots and phentermine for weight loss: Should you combine them?

Although weight management consciousness has increased over the last few decades, many people still struggle with initiating weight loss. Thankfully, we now have several efficient medical weight loss tools that can help you kick-start your journey, and two of the most popular include B12 shots and phentermine. Since they both serve different purposes, patients tend … Continued

A 1400-calorie high-protein meal plan for weight loss

High-protein food regimens are becoming increasingly popular for a good reason – protein does our bodies a lot of good. It repairs damaged cells, aids the production of new ones, boosts your immune system, and keeps you full for longer. And, when combined with a slightly decreased calorie consumption, it can turn into a fantastic meal … Continued

Phentermine and pregnancy: Can they go hand in hand?

Pregnancy weight gain is a normal part of a healthy, growing body. However, when those pregnancy cravings kick in, and the added pounds get a little out of hand, many women start looking for ways to suppress their appetite and prevent further weight gain. One of the first solutions they run into is typically phentermine – an … Continued