The magic of mushrooms for weight loss

Are you tired of fad diets that promise incredible results by eating random foods? Those diets often come with empty promises or are unsustainable in the long run. If you are done with fad diets and want to obtain real, substantial results, you have come to the right place. In our corner of the weight … Continued

Overcoming weight loss setbacks: why am I gaining weight on Saxenda?

Saxenda is one of the most efficient weight management drugs on the market; it promotes more body weight reduction than many weight loss supplements. If you are taking this medication and not getting the expected results, you are probably on the verge of screaming Why am I gaining weight on Saxenda? We hear you and understand your … Continued

Why does Saxenda make you tired and 4 ways to boost energy levels

Feeling tired or slightly exhausted is quite normal, especially if you lead a busy life. But when you start feeling fatigued all the time, that could be a warning sign of an underlying issue, such as your body not absorbing nutrients or a drug’s adverse effect. And what about weight loss medical programs? Does Saxenda make you … Continued

Medications and Intermittent Fasting: Does Taking Medication Break a Fast?

Intermittent fasting is a widespread and successful weight loss method. Before fasting fat-burning benefits were discovered, this practice was already adopted by many individuals across different cultures. Fasting is an ancient ritual people have used for different reasons for centuries, from health benefits to religious rituals or traditions. Today, we continue practicing fasting for multiple … Continued

Finding The Right Snack: Is Guacamole Good for Weight Loss?

Since you started your weight loss journey, have you said goodbye to Taco Thursday and guacamole? Hold on, and let’s revise that meal plan because it turns out that guacamole is, in fact, good for weight loss. Guacamole – a traditional Mexican dish that pairs well with everything. You can have it as a snack … Continued

Saxenda and Alcohol: Can The Combination Sabotage Weight Loss?

Whether it is a glass of wine with dinner, a beer with friends, or a cocktail on a night out, alcohol is part of most people’s lives. When drunk in moderation, alcohol doesn’t significantly threaten your overall health. But what happens when you start taking a prescription medication? Especially a weight loss medication like Saxenda … Continued

4 ways to deal with constipation while taking Saxenda

Is there a worse feeling than being in pain due to constipation? Getting occasionally constipated is normal, but chronic or severe constipation can feel like torture. And if you are trying to lose weight, you probably noticed an increase in the weighing scale number after being constipated for a while. Medications for weight management often … Continued

Best Saxenda Injection Sites For Weight Loss

When starting a new weight management medication, having all the tips and tricks can make the treatment work even better. From the best time of day to take Mounjaro or Ozempic to the top Saxenda injection sites – those tips can take your medical weight loss journey to the next level. Today’s article will focus on Saxenda’s … Continued

Mounjaro vs. Saxenda: Which Weight Loss Tool Should You Choose?

Mounjaro vs. Saxenda – two powerful weight management medications that promote incredible results. Which one should you choose to achieve weight loss goals? In the last few years, pharmaceutical companies developed many new weight-loss medications. We are entering the golden age of weight loss medical programs. That is excellent news for individuals battling obesity or … Continued

Saxenda meal plan: crafting the perfect weight loss menu

Have you recently started a Saxenda weight loss program? Then you are probably looking for the perfect Saxenda meal plan. You don’t need to look any further; you will find it right here! Weight loss management medications such as Saxenda, Ozempic, or retatrutide work in combination with a healthy diet, increased physical activity, and other lifestyle changes. … Continued