8 tasty and high protein vegan desserts

Almonds, peanuts, chickpeas, oats, chia… all the healthy, protein-packed, and tasty ingredients are here. And don’t forget the vegan protein powder. Getting enough protein from plant-based sources is not only easier than you might think but also delicious! With that in mind, here are eight high-protein vegan desserts recommended by nutritionists from a weight loss … Continued

Carnitine VS Creatine: Which Pre-Workout to Choose

Our lives often seem like a series of choices that have to be made. We make decisions around our everyday life, work, diet, etc. Some of those choices are easier than others, but we often seek online advice to make the most suitable decision. One of such choices includes the ongoing battle known to many … Continued

Is coffee considered an appetite suppressant?

Millions of people start their day with a single thought on their mind: a cup of coffee. While most of us simply enjoy its wonderful taste and benefit from the energy kick we get afterward, it’s now evident that coffee brings numerous health benefits when consumed in moderation. One of such benefits is still to … Continued

Probiotics for Belly Fat: Truth of a Myth?

One of the most popular weight-loss topics searched on the internet includes ways to lose belly fat. And while belly fat can be cute and squishy for some people or a source of dissatisfaction for others, one thing is sure – belly fat can indicate some serious underlying health concerns. We’re not saying there’s anything … Continued

Effective ways to trick your stomach into feeling full

Let’s face it – the last thing you want to hear when trying to lose weight is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and that each body is very different. We feel you with this one; in the era of countless diets, it feels like it’s never been more challenging to lose some extra pounds. While … Continued

Injectable Vitamins: Purpose, benefits, and effectiveness

Imagine this scenario: your daily schedule allows you to exercise every day and get the right amount of all the essential nutrients and vitamins from your healthy and balanced diet, which results in you being fit and energized at all times. While this sounds pretty perfect, we’ll probably agree that it would be ideal if … Continued

Signs your body isn’t absorbing nutrients

The primary role of the small intestine is to absorb nutrients into the bloodstream from the food we eat. But like with any other process in the body, the disorder is common. Malabsorption syndrome is a disorder in the small intestine when it can’t absorb enough of certain nutrients. Some nutrients that often cause trouble in … Continued

5 vitamins to help you boost metabolism

Our metabolism gets blamed a lot. We blame it when we feel disappointed because we can’t eat a lot of sugar and not gain weight or feel fatigued. Because metabolism helps the body breathe, repair cells, digest food, and have the energy to do anything; we can say it’s to blame whenever something is off. … Continued

Is it easier to lose weight in summer?

When you think of summer, you think about humidity, high temperatures, and sweating. You’re constantly looking for something to cool yourself down – cold beverages and ice cream cones. Also, who wants to be in the kitchen preparing a meal at those temperatures? No one. So you end up ordering food or grabbing something on … Continued

Chronic inflammation and weight gain: How are they connected?

We are all aware that there are secret weight-loss saboteurs lurking around us. However, we might not be aware of those secret little saboteurs inside our bodies. One of the biggest secret saboteurs inside our bodies is called chronic inflammation. It is a widespread condition these days, paired with stress and environmental toxins. Thankfully, you … Continued