A vegan meal plan for weight loss on a budget

People turn to a vegan lifestyle for many different reasons – one of them being a wish to lose weight. We all see individuals reaping all the benefits of a vegan diet, such as increased energy, glowing skin, and to a certain extent, weight loss. However, gaining weight when going vegan is more common than … Continued

Finding a substitute for avocado: 12 best choices

From guacamole to toasts and smoothies, avocado seems to find its way into every kitchen. We could say without exaggeration that it has become a staple of healthy food cuisine. Understandably so, as it is packed with nutrients and flavor and can be eaten in countless varieties. However, more and more people have started looking … Continued

Obese to fit: Where to start?

You’ve made a decision – you’re shredding your weight and becoming fit. But where to start? The journey from obese to fit may seem indefinitely long, yet so many people have successfully done it. You know it’s possible and doable. But every journey starts with one first step – and a plan. That’s why in … Continued

7 warning signs that you are probably overeating

It is often said that the feeling of fullness arrives ten to fifteen minutes after we have actually gotten full. So we have already eaten enough before we start feeling so. Well, that’s not a problem if you stop eating when you feel full. But how many times have you continued even past that point? … Continued

How to overcome the fear of gaining weight

Losing excessive weight always feels good. Seeing your hard work pay off can boost your self-esteem and give you some fresh optimism for tackling other challenges. Most people can’t wait to accomplish their weight loss goals, enjoy new body shapes, and move from restrictive diets to more relaxed but still healthy eating habits. However, for … Continued

Lab tests for weight loss: What they are?

Weight loss is often pretty mathematical – calories in vs. calories out, measured in the long run. However, there is another factor in this equation that’s rarely taken into consideration, and that is the complete blood count. The impact of blood count is such that it can almost completely nullify the excellent work you do … Continued

Homemade weight loss drinks: Are they effective?

Amongst the ever-increasing number of weight loss methods, weight loss drinks seem to be getting ever more attention. Some people hold them in such high regard that they perceive them to be nothing short of magic potions. Losing weight simply by drinking a specific beverage every day does sound tempting. However, we all know that … Continued

Can running on an empty stomach boost your weight loss?

A regular running routine is a great way to stay fit and prevent chronic diseases. Aside from being good for your health, it’s also very convenient as you need minimal equipment, and it can easily fit into any schedule. You can run virtually wherever and whenever you like. If you prefer running early in the … Continued

Does being overweight make you snore?

Snoring is a frequent topic of jokes, but is it actually a funny and harmless phenomenon? Not only is it a nuisance to one’s bed partner, but snoring also significantly reduces the quality of sleep of the snorer, which can cause adverse long-term health effects. It is also frequently attributed to overweight people, so is … Continued