Delicious pudding recipes to boost your weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, you’re probably following a specific diet or a weight loss program. You have to be careful of what you eat. And most of the time, you don’t have a problem following a meal plan they involve. But what does make a problem is when a sugar crisis appears. … Continued

Losing weight with hypothyroidism and type 2 diabetes

Everyday stresses, the food we intake, and the lifestyle we follow can cause significant problems to our bodies. The most common health conditions they can cause include autoimmune diseases, diabetes type 2, hyperthyroidism, and hypothyroidism. These conditions can prevent some organs from doing their thing and cause hormonal imbalance, leading to weight gain. Losing weight, … Continued

Healthy energy drinks alternatives that boost weight loss

A day contains 24 hours. But sometimes, that is not enough. Sometimes you need a few more hours to get everything off of your list done, to have some time with friends and families and loved ones, while also feeling well-rested. But because that isn’t possible, the resting period is what endures. Still, you need … Continued

Can coQ10 aid your weight loss efforts?

Before we get into the benefits of coQ10 and how it can aid your weight loss, let’s see what it is. CoQ10, or coenzyme Q10, is a fat-soluble compound produced by the human body. This is what sets it apart from a vitamin, even though they have similar functions. CoQ10 is unique because of its … Continued

Tasty protein fruit drinks to enjoy while you’re on a diet

It doesn’t matter if you’re following certain diet plans or you’re following a diet on your own, or you’re just thinking about starting a diet. What matters is that you’re trying to lose weight. But sometimes you can get bored of the same recipes over and over again, or you don’t have time to prepare … Continued

Weight loss goal rewards: What should they look like?

Motivation is the key to any kind of success, especially when trying to lose weight. When you’re trying to get rid of a few extra pounds, you require great mental strength to overcome different temptations, stress, and fear of failure. Achieving visual results takes more time than you thought, so you may start to lose … Continued

How To Stop Mindless Eating: 13 Proven Tips

When we think about sitting at home, watching a TV show or a movie, the first association we get is probably snacks and junk food. We can see ourselves digging into a bag of chips and finishing a whole bag in a blink of an eye. It might seem harmless because it’s “just” on movie … Continued

The amazing benefits of keeping a weight loss diary

Let’s face it – we’ve all fought that weight loss battle at some point in our lives. It’s almost fascinating how we’re now more than ever surrounded by countless solutions for weight loss, but the numbers of obese individuals still continue to rise. However, with the number of solutions comes the inevitable confusion among people … Continued

Is stress eating considered an eating disorder?

What comforts a crying baby besides a mother’s touch? It’s milk. As children, we were given rewards for being good, such as lollies and chocolate. Growing up, we started to connect food with positive emotions such as feeling happy, safe, loved, comforted. So anytime we feel sad, angry, stressed, and disappointed, we turn to food. … Continued

Chewable melatonin: How it aids your weight loss?

As we are now deep in the holiday season, an easy time to put on some extra weight, you may be familiar with the standard tips on how to avoid putting on that extra weight – drink plenty of water, eat a healthy meal before hitting the holiday buffet, be careful of the indulgences you … Continued