Going Vegetarian on the HCG Diet: Ideas and Inspiration

The hCG diet is a low-calorie regimen combined with hormone injections. The hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is actually a pregnancy hormone that can redistribute fat and suppress hunger. Generally said, the hCG diet and ketosis are excellent weight loss diets that can be combined with fasting to speed up the fat-burning process. Nowadays, many people with a vegetarian … Continued

hCG Diet and Ketosis: Is this diet ketogenic?

Many people have become familiar with the concept of ketosis in the last few years. Since this process significantly contributes to weight loss, ketogenic diets have rapidly grown in popularity. Although the ketogenic diet was intended to treat certain diseases (and has been used in medical cases for nearly 100 years), it has become a … Continued

hCG diet phases – what you need to know

Human chorionic gonadotropin (abbreviated hCG) is a hormone produced by a pregnant woman’s placenta. Although it is generally present in the human body, its levels are significantly higher during pregnancy. The role of hCG is to prevent a woman’s body from storing excess fat during pregnancy so that the developing baby can take all the … Continued

Is Taurine Good as a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Taurine is an amino acid that we can find in meat, dairy, fish. People often put it in energy drinks and pre-workout supplements. If you use it properly, as a pre-workout, it can have a lot of benefits. The benefits of taking taurine are numerous, and it can improve our mental and physical health; it … Continued

How to Get Breasts Back After Weight Loss?

Throughout a woman’s whole life, breasts are constantly changing and developing. Breast tissue is made from fat cells, ligaments, and glandular tissue that plays a vital role in producing milk for feeding newborns. Even with all these essential functions, you can experience changes after pregnancy or weight loss. It seems like it happens only to … Continued

How to lose weight after a breakup

Breakups can be hard on anyone. Whether you’ve just started dating someone and started growing affection for them, or you’ve been in a long relationship and felt comfortable around your partner, splitting up can become a significant stress source. The breakup itself can affect several different areas of your life – including your eating habits … Continued

What is Myoden (Adenosine Monophosphate)?

Excess weight in the form of health-imperiling and unsightly body fat is a stubborn trademark of modern lives worldwide. The primary factors contributing to it are numerous, and so are the popular corrective measures. You name it – unhealthy and dangerous fad diets, sedentary lifestyles, minimal physical activity, etc., all contribute to the ongoing obesity … Continued

How to burn stubborn fat quickly and effectively

Our bodies naturally store fat after we consume food, and although it has somewhat of a negative connotation, it’s a process necessary for our survival. The stored fat serves as stock if you’re left without food for a period of time and enables you to survive in extreme conditions. However, if you have regular access … Continued

How detox baths can speed up the weight loss process

Although detox baths have been around for quite a while, many people have recently discovered numerous health benefits from implementing them. They’re typically made by mixing Epsom salt with other rejuvenating ingredients and a few drops of essential oils. Such detox baths promote relaxation, overall wellness, and weight loss, which is why they’re now growing … Continued