Dangers of fad diets: Why you need to avoid them

Fad diets are rapidly growing in popularity, and that’s a fact. There are several reasons behind it, including the worldwide obesity epidemic, social media pressure on people to be thin, and the diets’ promises of a quick fix. It seems like new fad diets pop up on the internet every other day, which can be … Continued

Amazing tips to avoid gaining weight on holidays

It’s almost become a tradition to focus on the food every time we celebrate something or have time off; it’s a tradition not many of us would give up that easily. We typically associate holiday weight gain with winter holidays, when we tend to indulge in heavy comfort food. However, summertime also brings numerous threats … Continued

How to stop binge eating and start losing weight

Binge eating disorder (BED) is the most common in today’s society. It is a physical and psychological disorder that involves the individual eating an excessive amount of food in a short period, leading to episodes of feeling guilt and shame afterward. It can lead to significant weight gain and serious health problems if the binging habit … Continued

Best avocado smoothie recipes for weight loss

Although avocados have been an integral part of Mexican and a few other South American cuisines for quite a while, they’ve become mainstream in the last couple of decades. This fruit now has fans worldwide, not only because of its creamy texture and lovely taste but also because of the numerous benefits it brings to … Continued

Night-time smoothies for weight loss

Night-time snacks are one of the greatest guilty pleasures dieters often have to give up following a weight loss regimen. So it’s pretty standard for them to be advised to skip dinner and stay away from any type of snacking before bedtime. And let’s be honest – forbidding a person to eat something instantly raises … Continued

How to maintain weight loss after hCG diet

The hCG diet has helped many people successfully lose weight from its beginnings back in the 1950s. Whether you’re currently on the hCG diet or are thinking about starting it, you’ve probably heard something about the troubles of maintaining the weight once you’ve lost it. Many people find it challenging to prevent gaining the weight … Continued