avocado smoothies for weight loss

Best avocado smoothie recipes for weight loss

July 12. 2021

Although avocados have been an integral part of Mexican and a few other South American cuisines for quite a while, they’ve become mainstream in the last couple of decades. This fruit now has fans worldwide, not only because of its creamy texture and lovely taste but also because of the numerous benefits it brings to our health. Whether it’s sliced and added to your favorite salad or mashed into guacamole, avocado brings a certain richness of taste. And, here, at Chicago weight loss clinic, we advise our patients to go a bit further and treat themselves with an avocado smoothie to aid their weight loss. Before you take a step back because you can’t imagine a tasty avocado smoothie, please take a look at these recipes for weight loss we listed down for you. Before we get to them, let’s see a few of the main reasons why you should regularly consume avocados:

  • It reduces the levels of LDL cholesterol (also known as bad cholesterol) in your blood,
  • It reduces belly fat since it is loaded with oleic fatty acids and monounsaturated fats (which are good fats),
  • It improves your overall nutrient absorption and neutralizes free radical damage,
  • It curbs hunger and prevents mindless snacking by keeping you full for longer,
  • It stabilizes your blood sugar levels and is, therefore, more than welcome on low-carb diet regimes,
  • It’s packed with potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and is an excellent source of protein,
  • It boosts metabolism and supplies your body with energy, etc.

These and numerous other health benefits show that our obsession with avocados is well justified. Therefore, here’s a list of our favorite avocado smoothie recipes for weight loss:

Avocado, Blueberry, and Spinach Smoothie

Catechins found in blueberries boost the fat-burning process by activating specific genes in abdominal fat cells. Besides the sweet taste that they bring to the smoothie, they also contain some fiber, which will keep you full for longer when combined with avocado. You can have it as a nighttime smoothie for weight loss or add some protein powder and have it in the morning. Either way, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the taste of this smoothie, so take a look at the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Fresh or frozen blueberries,
  • Ripe avocado,
  • Coconut milk,
  • Baby spinach,
  • Chia seeds,
  • Sweetener of choice (the original Stevia works best if you’re looking to add some sweetness, but skip the calories), an
  • Crushed ice.

Mix the ingredients in your blender until you reach a smooth texture, serve yourself a glass, and enjoy!

Avocado and Banana Smoothie

This next smoothie is as simple as it gets, containing only a few thoughtfully picked ingredients but bringing a rich flavor to your taste buds. It’s both dairy-free and gluten-free, made out of whole foods (which makes it an excellent Paleo smoothie as well). To prepare it, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • Banana,
  • Ripe avocado,
  • Coconut milk, and
  • Ice cubes.

Because the banana will add more than enough sweetness to this recipe, you most likely won’t need to add any additional sweetener. This beverage can be your go-to snack when you feel like a bit of a sweet tooth.

Tip: You can also add mango to this recipe to achieve a lovely tropical flavor. 

Avocado Coconut Smoothie

Coconut is another example of a tasty fruit high in healthy fats. A smoothie made of avocado and coconut is also full of fiber and low glycemic index, which will prevent sudden blood sugar drops. It can also be your smoothie of choice during the preparation and maintenance hCG diet phase. To prepare this delicious smoothie, you’ll need to blend the following ingredients:

  • Avocado,
  • Fresh coconut meat,
  • Unsweetened coconut milk,
  • Stevia to taste, and
  • Ice cubes.  

Pineapple Paradise Avocado Smoothie

Although the name of this smoothie may sound like a sweet guilty pleasure, it’s actually an entire detox beverage. The spinach aids digestion and prolongs the feeling of satiety, while the sweet-tangy taste and refreshing tropical flavors of pineapple balance out the vegetal aromas. The pineapple also contains a compound called bromelain, which speeds up the digestion process and boosts your metabolism, resulting in faster calorie burning. To prepare it, mix the following ingredients in your blender until you achieve a smooth texture:

  • Medium ripe avocado,
  • Pineapple chunks,
  • Some baby spinach,
  • Water (coconut water works as well), and
  • Ice cubes.

Final thoughts

We’re well aware that many people hesitate to try out an avocado smoothie since we’re mainly used to having it in its savory form, added to our toasts, salads, or made into guacamole. However, let’s keep in mind that avocados are fruit, after all, and embrace them in their sweet form as well.

As you can see, avocado promotes weight loss and brings numerous health benefits, which is why we believe you should try out these smoothie recipes and feel free to experiment. Just make sure to follow your specific diet guidelines, and aim to include whole foods only. Bon appetit and enjoy! 

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Chanay received her Practical Nurse licensure and went to work in clinical specialties such as Home Health, Assisted Living, Long-Term Care and Dialysis Centers. Through this work, she realized the importance of diet, nutrition and weight loss among her patients. This led her to open A Better Weigh, Inc. Medical Weight Loss Center in 2009.

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