Is there the best place to inject Mounjaro? The picture shows a person injecting a Mounjaro pen into their stomach

Is there the best place to inject Mounjaro?

March 27. 2023

With diabetes medications that manage blood sugar levels becoming increasingly popular for weight loss, many people have gained interest in trying them out. These medicines are highly efficient in managing weight loss, especially in people with obesity or those who are overweight. Still, unlike Phentermine for weight loss and other weight loss supplements, you’ll find these diabetes medicines in the form of injectable pens. And that new form keeps everyone wondering about the best place to inject Mounjaro.

There is no doubt that when you start a new weight loss program, you want to do everything you can to make it as effective as possible. You aim to deliver your best efforts from your diet to your exercise routine. And, of course, the same happens when you are on a medical weight loss treatment. Mounjaro is already highly effective for weight loss on its own. However, you can always take your game a level further. Keeping in mind some tips, such as Mounjaro foods to avoid or the right place to inject the medication, can bring you incredible positive results.

If injectable pens are new in your life, you might have more questions than finding the best place to inject Mounjaro. That is why, in this article, we want to discuss this medicine a little further. From the best place to inject to all the valuable tips you will need before your first shot.

What is Mounjaro and how does it work for weight loss?

Mounjaro is a type 2 diabetes medication that manages and reduces high blood sugar levels in adults. Diabetic patients’ bodies do not produce or control the hormone insulin correctly. Our pancreas produces insulin, which works as a “key” that allows glucose to enter our cells. As you probably know, our body cells use glucose from food as their source of energy. Adults with type 2 diabetes can not produce enough insulin, which causes glucose to accumulate in our system. That is what causes dangerously high blood sugar levels.

When people with diabetes use this medication, they can manage blood sugar levels and stay safe. Of course, this drug works best when paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. And the same goes when you use it for weight loss purposes. A low-calorie diet is necessary here, and Mounjaro and alcohol is a combination to avoid in order to dodge food-medication interactions.

But how will Mounjaro help you lose extra pounds? Tirzepatide, Mounjaro’s active compound, activates two receptor agonists: glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). Those receptors will stimulate insulin secretion from your pancreas and decrease glucose production from the liver. That will slow down your gastric emptying – or how your foods travel through the stomach – resulting in a prolonged feeling of satiety.

Once you start taking Mounjaro, you will begin feeling fuller after a light meal. Sticking to a low-carb diet and healthy foods will be easy then because Mounjaro works as a highly effective appetite suppressant.

How do you use Mounjaro for weight loss?

You use Mounjaro for weight loss the same way you would use it to treat type 2 diabetes: with under-the-skin (subcutaneous) weekly injections. What could change is the dosage and how long the treatment last. Besides that, pretty much everything works the same way.

Whether you take Mounjaro to achieve your weight loss goals or for other medical reasons, you will start with the lowest possible dose: 2.5mg a week. After four weeks, your healthcare provider can start increasing the dose. And each month that passes, they can continue to slowly increase the dose until reaching the maximum amount allowed (15mg per week). Only a professional healthcare provider can indicate to patients when to augment the dosage and how much. It is best to always leave that call to your doctor and follow their advice.

The initial low-dosage phase’s purpose is to get your body used to the new drug. During this phase, you probably won’t see significant weight loss. Nevertheless, some patients start to see results even in the first week of the Mounjaro treatment. On the same note, not everybody has to reach the highest dose to accomplish their purposes. With only a relatively low dosage of 5mg once a week, people achieve about 5% of body fat loss. Clinical trials showed that the average weight loss of Mounjaro is 15% with the maximum dosage. However, outside clinical trials, some patients have lost up to 22% of their body weight.

When using Mounjaro to reach weight loss goals, the speed of the results can vary from one patient to another. Still, the medication remains highly effective.

What are injectable pens?

Mounjaro, Ozempic weight loss, and other novel medical weight loss treatments use injectable pens as their supply medium. If you have never used one of these pens or seen anybody handle one, it can be a little scary the first time you come across one. The good news is you have nothing to fear; Mounjaro injectable pens are easy to use and relatively painless. You can even apply it yourself; you only have to find the best place to inject Mounjaro on your own.

An injector pen, sometimes also called a medication pen, is a device that delivers a drug (in this case, Mounjaro) under the skin. These injectable devices are way more user-friendly than syringes and less painful. An injector pen has a short needle that supplies the medication into the tissue between your skin and muscle (subcutaneous tissue).

Some injectable pens are reusable; you only have to change the needle and add a new insulin cartridge before your new dosage. In the case of Mounjaro, we are talking about non-reusable, pre-filled, one-dose pens. That means you will need a new one for each Mounjaro dosage and a total of four each month. Once you give yourself the shot, you must dispose of the used injectable pen.

Best place to inject Mounjaro

What is the best place to inject Mounjaro? Healthcare providers and the American Diabetes Association ADA actually recommend three different injection sites. Those spots include the abdomen (stomach), thighs, and outer upper arms. For the last spot, the upper arms, it is best to ask someone else to give you the shot; it can be a challenging site to reach on your own. You can apply the injection yourself on the other injection sites. Your healthcare provider will explain how to use the injection pen and give you some guidelines. If you still have doubts about how to apply the shot, you can contact your doctor or call Mounjaro’s patient services support center.

Some of our patients from our weight loss clinic in Chicago ask us: “Is there the best place to inject Mounjaro regarding effectiveness?” The answer to that is no; the three injection sites we mentioned are all excellent places to apply the medication. Mounjaro’s effectiveness will not increase or decrease depending on the injection spot. What matters is that you pick a clear area without scars, moles, or hardness.

However, you have to decide on a different injection site each week. Try to avoid repeating the same zone two weeks in a row. You should also avoid applying the injection in the same spot to avoid redness. Giving yourself the shot at the same spot too many times can make your skin lumpy. When your skin gets lumpy, a build-up of fat has formed under it. That can affect how your body absorbs the medication. Apply the shot at least one and a half inches away from your last injection spot. Rotating the injection site will guarantee optimal absorption of Mounjaro and its full effectiveness.

Extra tips to remember before your Mounjaro injection

Using an injector pen is not rocket science, meaning you will quickly pick up how to use it without complications. However, some extra practical tips always come in handy, especially if this is your first time using a medication pen. We already told you about the best place to inject Mounjaro. Here are some crucial tips to remember when you start your treatment:

  • Store your Mounjaro pens in the refrigerator at a temperature between 36°F to 46°F (2°C to 8°C). Mounjaro pens can remain at room temperature – 86°F (30°C) – for up to 21 days.
  • Do not freeze the pens. If, by mistake, you froze the devices, throw them away.
  • Keep the pen in the original box; the medication can be degraded if exposed to direct heat or light.
  • Check the liquid before using it. The medication inside the pen should be colorless or slightly yellow; if it looks cloudy, do not use it and discard the pen. In case you see air bubbles in the medicine, that is not an issue.
  • If you drop the pen, throw it away and use a new one. 
  • If the base cap or the needle is broken, discard the pen.
  • Before applying, check the pen label to confirm you have the right medicine and dosage your healthcare provider prescribed you.
  • Wash your hands with running water and soap for at least 1 minute before your Mounjaro infection. Dry your hands thoroughly after washing.
  • Clean the injection spot you chose for that dosage. Use an alcohol pad for this step; start on the site you plan to inject the medication and wipe in circular motions away from that spot. Wait until the alcohol fully dries out before applying the injection.
  • Do not unlock the injector pen until you are ready to press the injection button and apply the medication.
  • Remember always to rotate the injection spots. For that, we advise you to take notes after each shot. Write down the date and the area you used when applying that week’s injection. 

How to dispose of the pen after your dosage

As mentioned, Mounjaro comes in one-dose disposable injector pens. You must throw away the injection device immediately after applying the weekly dosage. The device has glass and sharp parts; keeping it around can be dangerous, especially if you have children in the house.

Like most injection devices, there is a proper way to dispose of your Mounjaro injection pens. You have to place the used devices in a sharp disposal container; this will avoid dangerous needle sticks, cuts, and punctures. Do not throw away used or damaged pens in your household trash. You can purchase an FDA-cleared sharp disposal container; they come in different sizes, and you can find them in pharmacies or online.

Do you currently not have an FDA-approved container? Another option is using a heavy-duty plastic household container, such as a laundry detergent container. Make sure the container is puncture and leak-resistant and closes with a tight fitting. Always keep the sharp disposal container away from kids and pets. Once the container reaches its full capacity, check your community guidance on how and where to dispose of it.

Final thoughts

Medical weight loss treatments that use injectable devices to supply medication are increasing in popularity. Injection pens are easy to use and highly effective; anyone can learn how to apply them. And the best part is you can even apply them yourself. By following your healthcare provider’s guidelines, you will be able to inject the medication smoothly and without any pain.

About the best place to inject Mounjaro, now you know there are three areas you can opt for –  abdomen, tights, and outer upper arm. But also the importance of rotating the spot each week. With that knowledge and the practical tips from his article, you will find no trouble applying the injection. Do you still have doubts or questions regarding your Mounjaro injection? Schedule a call with us so we can inform you better and answer all your questions.

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