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When is the best time of day to take Saxenda?

October 19. 2023

Have you just started taking Saxenda, or are you thinking about it? Then you have come to the right place. Starting a new medical weight loss treatment always awakens many questions, like what are the best Saxenda injection sites? And When is the best time of day to take Saxenda? 

At our weight loss clinic in Chicago, we hear questions like those ones all the time. Embarking on a weight management treatment plan requires lifestyle changes that can throw you off your comfort zone. And if you complement your efforts with supplements or a drug, such as Saxenda, we understand that you have many doubts at the beginning of the program.

We love to guide our clients through their journey so they get the smoothest possible experience. Today’s article aims to shed some light on the best time of day to take Saxenda, plus some valuable tips to enhance your experience with this medication.

Understanding Saxenda

How well do you know this medication? Saxenda is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved drug to treat overweight and obesity. It is manufactured by the same pharmaceutical that produces other successful drugs, such as Wegovy and Ozempic weight loss. We are all aware of the Ozempic boom only a couple of years ago due to its incredible weight loss effect. Well, Saxenda has actually been around for longer; this drug was launched in 2014.

Healthcare providers can prescribe Saxenda to you if you are overweight or obese and need help to slim down. A massive pro of this medication is that it can also be prescribed to adolescents who have obesity.

The Saxenda weight loss treatment also includes increased physical activity and a healthy Saxenda meal plan. Those two elements are part of any successful weight loss journey and are crucial for Saxenda to work. Why? Because this weight control medication’s active ingredient – liraglutide – works by suppressing appetite and decreasing food-seeking behavior.

Liraglutide mimics a natural gut hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). That hormone will slow down your gastric emptying, making food stay longer in your stomach. As a result, you will have less appetite and stay full for longer after eating. As a plus, the GLP-1 hormone also signals the hypothalamus – the hunger area of the brain – to decrease hunger even further.

Dosage schedule

All medications have a particular dosage schedule you must follow for the drug to work. Saxenda is a daily medication, meaning you must take it every day without missing a dose. Liraglutide comes as a liquid solution inside injectable pens. Injector pens are painless, easy to use, and practical. Your doctor can show you how to apply the shot the first time; then, you can apply it yourself or ask a friend or family member for help. We assure you that Saxenda pens are easy to use, and you’ll get the hang of them pretty quickly.

When taking Saxenda, you’ll start the treatment on a low dosage – 0.6mg daily. If you notice no changes during the first weeks and wonder, Why am I gaining weight on Saxenda? Don’t panic. The first couple of weeks, also known as the titration period, are meant for the body to adapt to the medication. In such low dosages, it’s unlikely to see results. Once a week, you will increase the dosage until you reach the highest possible dose – 3mg per day.

Once you take the highest dose, the extra pounds will slip away. The average weight loss with Saxenda is 6.4% body weight reduction. However, some individuals experience even more significant weight loss.

It’s essential you follow the schedule to guarantee effectiveness and stay healthy. Some people experience weight loss even during the titration period – which is excellent – but if you don’t, still never skip the adaptation weeks. Without that period, your body could develop intense side effects.

Potential adverse effects

All medications come with a list of side effects that you should know before taking them. In the case of Saxenda for chronic weight management, the most common effects are gastrointestinal-related. Since this drug improves blood sugar levels and impacts digestion, gastrointestinal symptoms often occur when you increase the dosage or right after the shot. Those adverse effects include:

Those side effects tend to be mild and well tolerated by patients; they won’t stop you from achieving weight loss goals.

Severe adverse effects of Saxenda are rare; they include inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), kidney problems, gallbladder disease, low blood sugar, and serious allergic reactions. Following the dosage schedule and the titration period is crucial for your health and for Saxenda to provide all its weight loss benefits.

What is the best time of day to take Saxenda?

Receptor agonist medications, such as Ozempic and retatrutide, don’t have the injection time set in stone. That means you are free to choose whatever time of the day that better suits you! The same rule applies to Saxenda; you can take your shot in the morning, evening, or night, with or without food. That’s good news if you have a busy schedule; you can squeeze in your shot at whatever hour of the day you are free. But remember, you must take Saxenda at the same hour every day, so choose wisely.

We still haven’t answered your question: What is the best time of day to take saxenda? That’s because there is no general best time of the day to take it, but there is the best time for YOU. That’s right; depending on your lifestyle, schedule, and personal goals, you can find out your best time of the day to take Saxenda.

If you have crazy mornings and are always in a rush, maybe the night is a better time to take your shot. Or if you always take a break in the afternoon, you can use that break as a reminder to administer the shot and never miss a dose. Go with what works best for you to include Saxenda smoothly into your routine.

Timing considerations

While you can take Saxenda at any time that works best for you, you can use the following considerations to find the perfect time of the day to apply the shot:


Since you must take Saxenda every day for it to work, it’s crucial you never miss a dose. You also must apply the shot around the same hour every time. It could help to find a time when you don’t have much on your mind and won’t forget your dosage. If you already take other daily medication – that can be taken with Saxenda – you can just add Saxenda to that routine and take both drugs simultaneously.


You can take Saxenda with or without food, before, during, or after meals. But since this drug promotes appetite suppression, you can take advantage of that benefit by choosing when to take it. What do your eating habits look like? What about those habits is making it challenging to lose weight? If you overindulge in snacks in the afternoon, it will benefit you to take Saxenda at noon so you get a full appetitive suppression effect by that time.

Some people like to take Saxenda first thing in the morning, so they get to lunch without feeling so hungry and consume fewer calories. Again, we recommend you go with what suits your habits and needs.

Side effects

Saxenda may cause gastrointestinal side effects, such as nausea and vomiting. Taking Saxenda not too close to your meals may benefit you if you develop such symptoms. A good idea could be to take the shoot early in the morning and have a light breakfast.

Does saxenda make you tired? This weight loss drug may cause tiredness or fatigue. Your daily tasks probably are draining enough, and you don’t want this side effect to compromise your energy levels. Since side effects are usually more intense after you take the shot, you can opt for taking Saxenda at night before going to bed. Hopefully, that symptom will take you straight into a deep, sound sleep.

These considerations provide general guidelines you can use to find the ideal time to take Saxenda. We still recommend you talk with your weight loss expert and jointly craft the proper schedule for you.

Final thoughts

The best time of day to take Saxenda is the one that better suits you and your lifestyle. A significant advantage of this medication is that while you must take it daily, you don’t have to disrupt or change your routine at all. Do the nights work better for you? Are you an early bird that would instead take the shots in the morning? Take your pick. As long as you are consistent, Saxenda will do the trick. And if you have any more questions, schedule a call with our team. We are here to guide you through your weight loss journey!

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

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