can you take vitamins while you are on a hcg diet

Can you take vitamins while you are on an hCG diet?

March 2. 2023

Many weight loss medications, diets, over-the-counter drugs, and supplements come and go. One that has stayed consistent due to its many weight loss success cases is the hCG diet. This specific diet takes you into a strict eating plan with a very low-calorie intake. Most patients starting the hCG hormone weight loss regimen at our weight loss clinic in Chicago ask us: “with such a low-calorie diet plan, will I have all the nutrients my body needs?” Doctors assure you will not miss any nutrients while in the diet. But still, can you take vitamins while on the hCG diet?

The hCG is a diet plan that allows you to eat only 500 calories a day. Those calories are combined with injections of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). During pregnancy, the hCG hormone is produced naturally in a woman’s body. This pregnancy hormone transfers signals to the brain to move the fat and nutrients to the placenta. Only doctors can prescribe it, and you can’t take it by yourself. Also, it was primarily used as a cure for infertility.

But how do injections affect our weight loss? These injections suppress your appetite, and you don’t need more than 500 calories a day. HCG injections encourage our body to burn stored fat as energy, which leads to improved weight loss. But because of many foods you give up on the hCG diet, you might be worried about your daily consumption of vitamins and nutrients and your body not absorbing vitamins properly. So let’s go back to the main question: Can you take vitamins on an HCG diet? The response in most cases is no, and if you want to find out why, continue reading this article.

Do you need to take extra vitamins when on an hCG diet?

Before we answer whether you can you take vitamins on the hCG diet, we have to explain if you need them while dieting. Every diet has at least one side effect, but it’s up to you to decide if it is worth the risk. Common side effects of the hCG diet are headaches, vomiting (women might experience this more often), pelvic pain, and constipation. Can constipation cause weight gain? This state does not cause direct weight gain, but both conditions are linked. You probably have to include more foods rich in fiber on your hCG diet plan.

Dr. Simeons, the doctor who discovered the hCG pregnancy hormone’s potential for weight management, warned his patients that taking vitamins can slow down their progress. He says that if you are on an hCG diet, you don’t have to worry about becoming anemic, be sure you are getting all your body needs from injections, the low-calorie diet plan you get, and the fat you will be burning. Dr. Simeons assured his patients that every time they lose a pound, and that it will be almost every day, they are losing just fat, not the vitamins, minerals, and other things beneficial for our body. He also adds that he never had patients complain about severe damage to their health or any serious deficiency. As you can see, you will not need vitamin supplementation because you will likely get every nutrient you need from the hCG eating plan.

Are there any allowed vitamins you can take on an hCG diet?

It will help you if you avoid taking vitamins during an hCG diet. But there are some allowed by Dr. Simeons. Those vitamins are vitamin D and vitamin C – vitamins to boost metabolism. Vitamin C is sometimes suggested in large doses. He allowed Vitamin D because lots of patients who already had tooth problems had bad experiences with this diet. Their teeth issues became even worse after starting the diet, so he inserted vitamin D and calcium.  The doctor inserted Vitamin C because he wanted to increase the immune system of his patients. After all, the common colds were often a side effect of the hCG diet.

After Dr. Simeons and many other expert healthcare providers came up with different ideas about taking vitamins while on an hCG diet, they allowed even more vitamins; for example, when you have muscle cramps, you should take homeopathic cell salts. On that same note, vitamin B12 is also allowed via injections or capsules. Vitamin B12 can help you increase your energy levels, but be aware of the ingredients since most of these vitamins contain large amounts of sugars and artificial flavors. Lipo C injections preserve muscle tissue while burning fat; their formula contains vitamin B12, which can help you stay energized throughout the day.

You should take those vitamins only when needed, and try avoiding them as much as possible. If necessary, consult your doctor about everything, and he will be able to give you good advice.

What happens after the hCG diet?

There is no such reason why you shouldn’t take vitamin supplementation after finishing the diet. Here are some hacks that can be helpful to you with maintaining weight loss after hCG diet:

  • Don’t be scared to eat

After a rigorous diet or taking an appetite suppressant such as phentermine for weight loss, you must be worried that you will gain weight again. But don’t be afraid to eat, you need to choose the right food. Continue eating healthy, and you will have no worries about putting back the weight you lost.

  • Take multivitamins daily

No matter what program you use to achieve weight loss after losing weight, your body will need some regeneration. It’s essential not to adopt old unhealthy habits; you have to adjust your body to a healthy lifestyle. You can start the regeneration process by taking some vitamins; you can also take your vitamins through your food.

  • Stay hydrated

Your brain often confuses hunger and thirst. If you are dehydrated, your brain might send you the wrong signals, and you will think you need to eat, but in reality, you need a glass of water. Next time you feel hungry, try drinking water, and if you are still hungry after 10 minutes, you should grab something to eat.

HCG diet and ketosis

Ketosis is the state of your organism, which you can induce by a low-carb diet. Ketosis improves your weight loss. Most people, who believe in the power of ketosis for weight loss, wonder if there is a connection between the HCG diet and ketosis. The hCG diet can get you into ketosis quickly because you are eating high-fat food during the first phase of this diet, and you significantly lower your carb intake in the first 48hs. If you are asking yourself this question: Can you take vitamins on an hCG diet because of ketosis? You should know that the supplements that don’t affect ketosis are: magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D.

HCG diet results

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, there are many weight loss medications out there. For example, Ozempic weight loss – a new diabetes medicine – is quickly scaling and becoming very popular. But the use of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone for weight management has stuck around since the 1950s because it simply works.

Eating 500 calories a day will doubtless put you in a calorie deficit, and you will be losing weight without hCG injections. But it will be a lot harder to maintain that diet; you will be constantly hungry, and it will be simpler for you to quit. If you ever find yourself thinking about giving up this diet, think about the results you could achieve. On average, you should lose 1 to 3 pounds per day when following the hCG weight loss plan. We hope this will encourage you to continue.

Final thoughts

The answer to the question: “can you take vitamins while on the hCG diet?” will often be no if you want to guarantee weight loss success. However, if absolutely necessary, there are some vitamins you can include in the diet.

Choosing the best way to lose weight might be difficult. How many different diets have you tried already? Maybe you read about the fasting benefits by hour and combine diet with dating. But still, dieting can be challenging. Are you tired of dieting and not getting the results you wanted? Our weight loss clinic can offer you many other programs for losing weight besides traditional dieting. We can inform you about methods for losing weight you might never have heard of. Or we can give you information about the diet you are currently on.

Contact us if you want to find out more about the hCG diet or other popular methods for weight loss.

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