4 Exercises to Do at Home

4 Exercises to Do at Home

April 13. 2021

Are you stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic but still wanting to get out and exercise? This problem has affected millions of Americans, causing them to weigh the pros and cons of going to the gym during a pandemic (if their gym is even open). Instead, why not think of some exercises to do at home? These exercises can be done by yourself or with the other members of your household, allowing you to combat the stress associated with the pandemic by getting your daily activity.

Looking for some solo or team exercise? Here are some unique ideas to get moving during these crazy times.

Go for a Jog

Starting a list of exercises to do at home with running may seem crazy, as not many people enjoy running or jogging. However, the negative stigma associated with it may be misplaced; we’ve just been doing it wrong all along! 

By jogging with a partner or canine companion, this exercise can be done in a much more enjoyable way than just a solo run. It’s easy to pass the time jogging when you’re with someone, so if you’re quarantining with someone that’s up for a jog, take advantage. This will allow you both to exercise and converse at the same time, boosting your mental health.

Are you looking for other ways to spice up this exercise? Try finding a park you’ve never been to, or if you’re feeling very adventurous, a nature reserve with flat trails. This will give you plenty to look at and listen to, whether you’re by yourself or with another individual. You won’t even realize you’ve run until after the workout!

Even if you aren’t up for running or jogging, going on outdoor walks consistently is a great way to exercise while also focusing on your stress management program. Instead of being cooped up indoors, an outdoor walk provides fresh air and breaks up quarantine monotony. This is a great way to stay safe while getting your exercise – everyone in your household will appreciate a stroll outside!

Body Weight Exercises

Short on exercise equipment but want to work out? We often forget that we can use our body weight as our “equipment” when looking for exercises to do at home. This may not be the most glamourous set of activities, but it truly is effective and requires no additional equipment.

If you’re able to, squat jumps are an effective way to work various parts of your body using your weight as the primary resistance. Like the previous exercise, this can be done with a partner to make it more interesting. Try high-fiving mid-squat jump or seeing who can jump the highest after a completed squat – while it may seem ridiculous, these little games can help turn a workout into something much more fun.

Exercise Ball Games

If you already have equipment like an exercise ball, the possibilities are endless when looking for exercises to do at home. It’s quite impressive how many activities can be done using a simple object like a ball!

The classic solo exercises using an exercise ball are sit-ups and planks, but if you’re looking for something a little more exciting, simple tweaks to these joint exercises can do the trick. When working out with a partner, exercise ball, sit up passes, create a fun twist on bland exercises. This simple addition establishes a sense of teamwork between you and your quarantine partner, taking the focus off the training instead of creating a bit of fun. Sit with your feet touching and pass the ball between each other after you sit up.

Another excellent exercise ball workout/game is the Russian twist. This exercise also targets your core and is a variation of a sit up, but it becomes a fun competition once you get going. Sit next to your partner with the exercise ball, twist away from your partner, tap the ball on the ground, rotate back towards your partner, hand them the ball, and repeat. To add increased difficulty, remove your feet from the ground, maintaining a reclined position using your core muscles. This exercise will turn into a game rapidly, as it’s fun to see how quickly you and your partner can pass the ball between one another! This exercise is also able to be done solo, so this is a reasonably flexible activity. 


Now is the perfect time to expand your horizons when it comes to exercise. Yoga is an excellent example of this, as it offers the benefit of core training while simultaneously providing an outlet for mental health. If you are a beginner, we have created a list of 5 easy yoga poses that are great for yoga newbies.

Most poses are minimal movement but focusing your attention on your core muscles (along with others) will provide an additional exercise source. Once you become more familiar with each pose, your mind will be freed up to ponder other thoughts; this is a great time to breathe and release any tension that may be weighing you down. This illustrates the dual benefit of activities like yoga, especially amid a stress-inducing pandemic.

This exercise and exercises like it have become popular exercises to do at home more than ever. There are various ways to watch or join virtual classes, keeping you at a distance but still part of the group. Yoga is also a great way to connect with other individuals in your house. The shared exercise creates a bond and facilitates communication so that many “busy” activities cannot.

Get Moving Today!

Not everyone feels comfortable going back to the gym to satisfy their need for exercise. There are plenty of activities to do at home that are safe and require little to no equipment, showing just how accessible training can be. It can be challenging to get motivated, but having other household members take part in exercises can make it much more enjoyable. We at Weight Loss Clinic Chicago believe that these simple exercises will also boost your mental health, benefiting your body in more ways than one.

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

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