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22 best gifts for someone trying to lose weight

May 9. 2022

It is tough for someone trying to lose weight to stay focused and persistent during that time. If someone you know is trying to lose weight, you should be their leading supporter and motivator throughout the whole process. And what better way to do it than with gifts.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to buy someone a gift – you can gift them as a sign of affection, for birthdays, or to mark their achieved goals.

Finding the best gifts for someone trying to lose weight can be extremely tricky. You want to give them something they need. Them being on a diet can, in fact, guide you into what they’ll appreciate most at that moment. Chicago’s best weight loss experts gathered up a bunch of the best gifts for someone on a diet so you can be a part of their successful weight loss journey.

What not to buy someone on a diet

We know you’re here to see what to buy for someone trying to lose weight, but we have to start with big no’s because it’s as important as the best gift you can buy.

  • The first thing you don’t want to give to someone as a gift is food – it is probably very challenging for them to handle all the daily temptations around them. If you still decide the gift will be food, do your research and give them something healthy and low in calories.
  • The next item on our no-list is weight loss supplements. Buying supplements to someone who didn’t plan to take them or who hadn’t been cleared for them is not a great idea.
  • And the third one we’re going to mention is clothes. When someone is on a diet, their weight will fluctuate, so buying them clothes that might not fit tomorrow is not the best idea. It can also be discouraging if you get a smaller size and they don’t hit the goal weight.

Now let’s see what a good gift for a person on a diet is.

Best gifts for someone trying to lose weight

Fitness tracker

For people who are on diets, this item is very useful. This device tracks your heartbeat, miles you walked, calories you burned, etc. It can be helpful to track daily calorie intake. Plus, you can sync it to your phone and receive all your text and call alerts.

Weight loss journal

Every weight loss journey is challenging and filled with highs and lows. It is found that logging what you eat and how much you exercise each day can encourage a person to continue the journey. A person should also fill it with inspiring and motivational quotes and meal plans for each week.

Healthy snacks

It can get boring to constantly think about new snacks each day, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. So do your friend a favor and grab some healthy snacks for them. Or even better, make one on your own. There’s nothing better than a healthy homemade snack made with love.

New workout clothes

Yes, we mentioned not to give clothes, but workout clothes are stretchy and can follow a person shrinking a few sizes.
New workout gear can boost someone’s motivation to work out. It makes a person feel more confident and attractive. Our apparel shop offers legging, tops, and hoodies with a unique and modern design that perfectly matches any workout and style.

Personalized water bottles

Let’s be honest; everything personalized is the best gift for someone trying to lose weight. We all know how important water is in the weight loss journey. Having a personalized water bottle will encourage a person to drink more water and remind them of someone who is supporting them.


A cookbook is another excellent gift for someone who’s trying to lose weight. If that person doesn’t have a subscription to some meal plan, he can quickly run out of ideas. A cookbook has a variety of recipes and step-by-step instructions and is perfect for making new recipes.

Meal prep and food prep containers

Firstly let’s get one thing clear – meal prep is not the same as food prep. The main difference in terms of meal-prep vs. food-prep is that food-prep means preparing different ingredients for your meals, while meal-prep is preparing your meals in advance.
Having your meals planned and food pre-portioned and prepped is an efficient kick-off for a lifestyle change. Having beautiful containers with different compartments to pack the prepped meals and food can be therapeutic and make your food tastier.

Personal blender

There are so many affordable blenders on the market, and having one can make your life so much easier, especially when you’re dieting. Blender is great for making protein fruit drinks which are very nutritious. These smoothies are great for incorporating healthy food you don’t like into your diet because, when mixed with other ingredients, their taste gets camouflaged.

Wireless headphones

Working out or jogging with headphones with wires can be so annoying. Gifting wireless headphones will make your friend’s workouts more enjoyable.

Subscription to a diet plan

It can get expensive for someone on a diet to go out and buy fresh fruit and vegetables every week. Plus, they will have to come up with meals for that week. By giving someone a diet plan subscription, you allow them to choose the diet plan and foods that fill within the plan. Then they get a weekly shipment of the food they’ll need to their door. They will have fresh fruit and vegetables at all times and more time and will to prepare the food.

Weight loss program subscription

Any subscription is a great idea. This one is great for someone who struggles to find the perfect program for them. We have a team of professionals at our clinic that can facilitate that search process and different weight loss programs that may suit him. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested so we can provide additional information.

Phone armband

We live in a time when we depend on our phones. If your friend on a diet is working out, it can be challenging to fit their phone in workout clothes. The phone armband is perfect for carrying both phone and keys without disturbance. The only thing you should look after is a model of your friend’s phone.

Yoga mat

Exercise is an integral part of every successful weight loss journey, so gifting someone something that will make working out outside the gym easier is perfect. A wide range of yoga mats is on the market, so you can choose your friend’s favorite color and even add personalized notes. This is also one of the best inexpensive gifts for someone trying to lose weight.

Food dehydrator

Another kitchen gadget that is great for gifting a person on a diet. Dehydrating food is so much healthier than frying them. By dehydrating different fruits and vegetables, you can extract all the vitamins and minerals they contain. On the plus side, they are easy to use and do most of the work on their own; all you have to do is place food in the dehydrator.

Food saver

Cooking with fresh fruits and vegetables is much healthier than cooking with frozen ones. Those fresh fruits and vegetables will also drag you away from dialing for takeout.
Many recipes call for a pinch or a spoonful of something that can quickly fill your fridge with half-used products. Having airtight storage containers designed to resemble the fruit or vegetable they contain will solve your problem. They will keep them fresh while you’ll cut down on plastic waste.

Gift card

These cards don’t have to be just fitness and healthy-food related. It can be manicure, pedicure, massage, movies, clothing store, whatever comes to your mind.

Kitchen scale

Portion control is key to losing weight, so having a kitchen scale can be a lot easier. There are alternatives to measuring your portions; having a kitchen scale will save you time and nerves.

Ankle weights

This gift can spice up home workout sessions. Adding a little bit of resistance and weights to a workout can greatly benefit someone’s weight loss journey. They are easy to attach and can enhance any workout, from walking around the house to aerobics and running.

Online training program

These programs are not only filled with workouts. They are accompanied by nutritional books full of simple recipes and customized meal plans to help develop realistic and sustainable eating habits that suit their taste and preference.

Fitness dice

Keep your gifts fun and cool! These fitness dice have different exercises that point out target areas. You also have one more dice that determines the number of repetitions or times. These are great because no additional equipment is needed.

Inspirational book

This fantastic gift may be just what they needed to keep them fresh and driven through their weight loss journey. These books are filled with exercises, reflections, and cues to immediately realign their focus and mind and keep them unwavering. They will guide them on how to keep the breakthroughs coming.

Encouragement cards

Many people who are trying to lose weight have some rough days. Some may show it, but the majority won’t. Receiving an encouragement card from time to time for no specific reason can be a great booster. There’s nothing better than a note of support from a friend to remind them why they started in the first place and to have people supporting them through every step of the journey.

Final thoughts

The easiest way to find the best gift for someone trying to lose weight is to ask them what they want because every person is different and their wishes are different. But you can’t deny that they’ll get more excited if they don’t know anything about you thinking about gifting them something as well as what the gift is. But don’t get devastated if what seemed like a great idea to you won’t be the best gift idea for your loved one trying to lose weight. Either way, they’ll be happy and appreciate the thought.

Fitness gear, kitchen tools, journal supplies, and weight loss programs are all fantastic weight loss gifts. We offer all sorts of different weight loss programs and, of course, support at our weight loss clinic, so feel free to check them out.

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

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