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Spice up your hCG diet with these salad dressing ideas

April 6. 2023

Are you thinking of starting the hCG diet to achieve sustainable weight loss? If you’ve researched this diet, you probably know it has a strict meal protocol. While the diet plan is not much difficult to follow, it can be challenging to find approved ways to spice up your meals. Today we bring you a solution that will make your hCG diet journey much easier: tasty hCG salad dressing ideas.

While a few novel weight loss medications, such as Ozempic weight loss, are growing in popularity, the hCG diet has been going strong for over seven decades. This diet became well-known in the 1950s due to its positive effects on weight loss. And even today, the hCG diet helps thousands of people achieve their weight loss goals. It is essentially a low-calorie diet regimen paired with hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) injections. The diet results in you losing excess weight and stubborn fat, mainly the one stored around your stomach, hips, and thighs.

Are you about to embark on the hCG diet? Then you will want to know all the tips and details our weight loss clinic in Chicago experts will discuss in this article. Continue reading to find out how to bring life to your hCG salads with healthy dressing recipes and ingredients.

How does the hCG diet work?

The hCG injections are shots of the hCG, a hormone that naturally occurs in both men’s and women’s bodies. The secretion of this hormone highly increases in women during pregnancy. And it has been shown to affect the fat loss process positively. The hCG hormones encourage fat loss while promoting muscle gain. Typically, when trying to lose a significant amount of weight fast, people also lose a lot of muscle. That quickly becomes an issue because if you lose muscle tissue, your metabolism tends to slow down. And a slowed metabolism tends to cause future weight gain.

The hCG diet has three phases, one of which includes a strict diet protocol of only 500 kcal a day. And while that daily calorie intake sounds low, patients using hCG injections have no trouble maintaining the regime. The hCG hormones help them avoid hunger spikes, irritability, headaches, and weakness. Vitamins are mainly banned from this diet – you can take a few hCG diet vitamins, but only if it’s necessary. You will obtain all the nutrients your body needs from your meal plan and the hCG injections.

The three hCG diet phases are the following:

  • The loading phase is when you start taking hCG injections and indulge in high-caloric and high-fat food. The phase lasts for two days, during which you’re advised to eat healthy fats (instead of fast food) to prepare for the next stage.
  • The weight loss phase typically lasts from three to six weeks, during which you continue taking hCG injections but lower your calorie and fat intake significantly. It’s required to have 500kcal each day while staying away from starchy and sugary foods. This phase is responsible for the fat loss itself, which is why people often connect the hCG diet and ketosis.
  • The maintenance phase is when you stop taking hCG injections and increase your daily calorie intake. The phase typically lasts for three weeks, and it still forbids you to have carbs while slowly introducing healthy fats back. During the maintenance phase, you should eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full (which can benefit one’s self-discipline). The maintenance phase will also help your body readjust to sugars and a higher calorie intake and assist in preventing rapid weight gain after hCG diet weight loss phase. 

Are salad dressings sabotaging your weight loss?

When starting a new diet to lose a few pounds, most people resort to extra aiders to boost their journey. Some people also start to exercise regularly to achieve rapid weight loss and reshape their bodies. Others resort to intermittent fasting, which pairs perfectly with the hCG diet. Besides, fasting benefits by hour go beyond promoting weight loss. But going back to weight loss diets, what most people do is turn to salads. For years, salads have been the ideal meal for those trying to reduce body fat. Of course, we are talking about healthy, low-calorie salads. In the case of the hCG diet, it allows most vegetables except starchy and sugar-heavy ones. And chicken breasts, another favorite salad ingredient, are also allowed; plus, they are high in protein.

Everything points out that salads are a great choice when following the hCG diet, but there is one thing to pay attention to – salad dressings. The ingredients in your dressing can make or break the healthiness of the salad you are about to eat. Some of the most common salad dressing recipes have around 100 kcal per two tablespoons. If you are not careful about the dressing ingredients, a healthy chicken breast or avocado slices salad can quickly become a high-calorie meal. And before you even realize it, you will reach, or surpass, your 500 kcal daily intake.

Healthy and approved hCG salad dressings

Since the weight loss phase lasts the longest and is the most restrictive one, hCG dieters often find themselves eating the same “safe” foods repeatedly and avoid implementing any changes to prevent exceeding the 500 kcal daily intake. Especially those who follow the vegetarian hCG diet, which means more food restrictions. Therefore, getting creative about meal preparation is necessary.

The diet supports leafy greens and salads, but having them completely unseasoned sounds a bit unpleasant. That’s why we decided to list a few options for your hCG salad dressing. You can use these options to add some fantastic flavor to your salad meals. Try to accompany them with a portion of protein (lean poultry or beef, shrimp, beans, tofu, etc.). In addition to that, having a pre-made salad dressing in your fridge is one of the most effective meal prep tips. Without further adieu, here are some healthy salad dressing recipes:

The Vinaigrette Dressing

This hCG salad dressing is a modified version of the traditional vinaigrette, and its ingredients suit the diet requirements while giving your salads a wonderful taste. It’s also effortless to make, and you start by adding a fourth of a cup of apple cider vinegar into half a cup of water and mix it well. Then, add two shakes of onion salt, two shakes of celery salt, and ground pepper to your taste. Lastly, add about twenty drops of Stevia (make sure it’s pure since other artificial sweeteners are not allowed on this regimen). Mix it well, and place it in the refrigerator to set and prevent it from going bad.

The Citrus Dressing

This hCG salad dressing is fantastic because it’s simple to make, has basic ingredients, and it can serve as a base for adding different spaces and creating a slightly different sauce every time. To make it, you start by adding a quarter of a cup of apple cider vinegar to half a cup of water, a tablespoon of lemon juice, and fifteen drops of Stevia. After you’ve mixed it well, you can leave it as is or add spices such as Chinese Five Spice, garlic salt, freshly ground ginger, etc.

The Italian Dressing

The Italian dressing requires a bit more effort to make, but it’s worth it. You start by making a clear broth of your choice (chicken broth is advisable, but you can make the one you like most). First, you’ll need half a cup of it to cool down. Then add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Next up, you can start adding spices. Add half a teaspoon of garlic powder, a teaspoon of Italian herbs, and half a teaspoon of onion powder. Pour this mixture into a saucepan and heat up for about five minutes at low heat. Once this hCG salad dressing is done, let it cool down. Then, pour it over your fresh greens or store it in the fridge.

Final thoughts

An hCG salad dressing goes a long way in adding flavor to otherwise dull and dry salads. Paired with a portion of protein (whether an animal or a vegetarian one), you can make a fantastic meal each day during phase two of the hCG diet. Although you can find some supermarket versions of sugar-free salad dressings, they tend to be full of hidden artificial sweeteners and starch for the texture. As you can see, these hCG salad dressing ideas are both simple, budget-friendly, and delicious. You can schedule a call with our team to learn additional information regarding the hCG salad meals. We can work together toward the perfect hCG meal plan for you.

We can also guide you through your hCG diet journey or let you know about other effective weight loss programs such as Phentermine for weight loss.

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