how to beat sugar cravings

How to beat sugar cravings: 18 effective tips

April 6. 2022

Sugar. What an addictive, sneaky substance. Because it’s present in so many products, it can quickly transform consumers into major addicts.

A few people can be considered lucky because they didn’t fall under the influence of sugar. The rest of us unlucky sugar addicts struggle with strong sugar cravings at all times.

Well, we can now say we have great news for you! We found 18 effective tips on how to beat sugar cravings, and we’re going to share them with you.

Why do we crave sugar?

If you thought that the root of your cravings was just your sweet tooth, well, there’s more to it. Our brain becomes addicted to the natural opioids triggered when we consume sugar. Sugar and diet loaded with it can generate excessive reward signals in the brain, overriding one’s self-control.

While our body needs glucose as its fuel and can’t function without it, added sugar in processed food is hardly essential. And even if you know how bad it is, it is still hard and almost impossible to resist.

Sugar mainly affects the accumulation of the most stubborn fat, which is hard to get rid of. With Lipo Ignite®, the impossible becomes possible.

No more equivocation; let’s get to the tips on how to beat sugar cravings.

Identify what triggers your cravings

Sugar cravings aren’t necessarily about sugar. Environmental situations and stressors can trigger it. Being aware of when and why you crave sugar is the first step of beating this addiction.

Allow yourself a sugary treat

Going entirely without sugar can tragically end in a few days. There’s no need to be too harsh on yourself. Let yourself have a small sugary treat such as a bite of dark chocolate, a healthy and nutritious alternative, or fruit. That is a much better approach than going ultimately off on a cheat day.

Have a glass of water

Dehydration can be the cause of sugar cravings. And sometimes, sugar craving can be easily confused with your need for water. So before you think about reaching out for something sugary, have a glass of water.

Get fresh air

Since this is considered an addiction, you don’t want to trade one addiction for another. One of the best ways how to beat sugar cravings is by replacing sugar with a healthy habit such as going for a walk. That will get your mind off of it and boost your energy levels.

Eat low GI foods

Unbalanced blood sugar levels usually cause sugar cravings. To keep it balanced, you should opt for low glycemic index foods that will release energy to your body slowly throughout the day, to avoid energy peaks and crashes. Low GI foods are nuts, legumes, oats, and non-starchy vegetables.

Focus on the benefits

It can be difficult at times but try to focus on the benefits you’re gaining if you stay motivated and right on track. Sugar doesn’t only pile on the pounds, but it leads to many other health problems. Tooth decay, heart disease, diabetes type 2 are only some of the most common ones.

Boost your happiness levels

Because sugar mainly increases energy levels and triggers the release of serotonin in the brain, you should try replacing it with mood-boosting essential oil, increase the time you spend in the sunshine or spend time with the people you love and that make you happy.

Increase your energy levels

One of the reasons you crave sugar is a lack of energy. Regular exercise increases your energy levels naturally, but it is also a distraction from the craving itself. Sometimes you may not feel like working out, but it will help you feel good about yourself and your body.

Consider sugar avoidance

If we knew how to take control over the craving, you wouldn’t be here. So, remove any sugar and sweet foods from your home. If you can’t completely cut out sugar, have healthy replacements available at all times. Don’t let yourself go to the store in the middle of the crisis.

Eat enough protein and healthy fats

Sugary foods are usually snacks. Another way how to beat sugar cravings and avoid snacking is by having balanced meals high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, as they will keep you full for longer.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep is also considered a craving trigger. Sleep deficiency can reduce insulin sensitivity and increase stress hormone levels. These contribute to an imbalance in blood sugar levels and even higher sugar cravings. So do whatever it takes to get those 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Make time more enjoyable

Mid-afternoon is the most challenging part for a person regarding cravings. Boredom and stress are the most common factors that trigger your cravings. So try to alleviate these feelings with distractions – riding a bike, swimming, reading a book, listening to music, writing a journal.

Eat high mineral magnesium foods

Sugar cravings can occur due to a mineral deficiency. It would help if you ate high mineral magnesium food such as cacao, avocado, quinoa, nuts, seeds, dark leafy greens, and brown rice.

Eat enough calories a day

When you’re dieting, you restrict yourself too much, and because of that, all sorts of cravings occur. When you don’t eat enough, your body is looking for fuel; you don’t have energy, so you crave sugar as it gives you a quick energy boost. Give a 2200 calorie meal plan a try; not only is it excellent for weight loss, but it helps with both energy levels and sugar cravings.

Reduce caffeine

Do you know how you crave just a bite of something sweet every time you drink coffee? Even though caffeine is considered an appetite suppressant, you should consider lowering your caffeine intake. Caffeine causes your body to produce cortisol that makes you feel active and energized, but it mostly makes your body crave insulin. So, you can limit your sugar intake by cutting back on caffeine.

Drink mineralized water

As mineralized water is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium, it helps regulate blood pressure levels. If you supply your body with an adequate amount of these minerals, you can lower your uncontrolled sugar cravings.

Reach for fruits

To overcome your sugar cravings, you can always opt for fruit. But be careful as some can be high in sugar. Nuts, olives, seeds, and avocados are healthy and full of fiber, so they can keep your body in a state where it craves sugar far less.

Consider hiring a therapist or a coach

Having support during challenging times is such an important factor. Almost every weight loss clinic offers this type of help. Having professionals by your side means a constant supply of strategies to manage stress and beat your addiction.

What are the symptoms of a sugar addict

Intense sugar craving

If you have an enormous urge for something sweet after a meal or on the side of your coffee or constantly looking at dessert recipes, you’re most likely experiencing sugar cravings.

Withdrawal symptoms

Headache, racing heart, stomach issues, sweating, and irritability are just a few signs of sugar withdrawal.

Carbohydrate cravings

If you’re having intense carb cravings (such as wanting a giant bowl of pasta), you’re craving sugar because carbs are converted into glucose, and your brain has a similar reward effect.

Final thoughts

There is so much hidden sugar in everything we consume, so we must be careful. Sugar gives us an initial high, after which we crash pretty fast, so we crave for more. The series of highs and lows provokes unnecessary stress, and we get anxious, moody, and feeling exhausted.

We hope these tips on how to beat sugar cravings will give you positive results. You should always remember that if you ever need someone to talk to or encourage you, feel free to contact us; we’re always available to support you!

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

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