how to lose weight after a breakup

How to lose weight after a breakup

August 22. 2021

Breakups can be hard on anyone. Whether you’ve just started dating someone and started growing affection for them, or you’ve been in a long relationship and felt comfortable around your partner, splitting up can become a significant stress source. The breakup itself can affect several different areas of your life – including your eating habits and weight. This is a common problem many of us have either or experienced or known someone who has. Still, this ongoing trend of gaining weight after parting ways should come to an end, and we should get more familiar with the concept of weight loss after a breakup. Therefore, if you’re going through this phase or would simply like to help a friend, make sure to implement the following tips:

Become aware of your actions

Before anything else, you need to become aware of your actions regarding food. Mindful eating should be the only way you eat, especially when you’re in an emotionally vulnerable state. Emotions such as stress, sadness, anger, etc., can trick you into feeling you’re hungry when all you really need is a dose of happy hormones and good mood neurotransmitters. Although you can get them in your system by indulging in a sugar-coated doughnut, they are also produced during a workout, a walk, time spent in the sunshine, and numerous other things. Therefore, use your mind to make the right decisions whenever you feel hungry – take a minute to ask yourself whether you’re bored, sad, or legitimately hungry. If you start noticing your hunger levels continually rising, consider taking prescribed appetite suppressants

Go easy on the alcohol

This may sound like the last thing you’re willing to do at this moment. However, booze is packed up with empty calories you’re most likely not aware of now – but they’ll build up around your waistline soon. A glass of wine a day won’t do you harm, but you’re probably more into a Long Island Ice Tea or a Margarita. Still, keep in mind that they’re loaded with refined sugars and premade syrups that are not worth it. Instead, opt for sipping tea or infused detox water, and your body, mind, and clear conscience will thank you. 

Fall in love with preparing your meals

While falling out of love with your ex, you should start falling in love with preparing your own meals. Ordering in may sound appealing (and may complement your sedentary rom-com lifestyle, if that’s the case), but you never really know the nutritional value of the restaurant food. It can often be high in sodium (and cause water retention) and high in calories. That’s why it’s about time you start taking those cooking classes or simply googling what you’d like to make and get to work! Cooking something you’ll later on enjoy is an excellent way to stay busy and creative while ensuring you get the proper nutrients and no excess pounds. 

Embrace heart-healthy fats

Healthy fats are finally getting their well-deserved place on a nutritionally balanced plate. Butter, avocados, nuts, and healthy oils will help strengthen your broken heart and keep you satisfied for longer. You can also make a delicious treat by mixing full-fat yogurt with some fresh berries and drizzle some honey on top. 

Snack smartly

We know that snacking and chewing on something calms you and makes you feel good. But what you choose to snack can either load you up with calories and trans fats or help you lose weight and keep your heart and brain health. That’s why you should opt for a handful of nuts or keep your mouth busy by shelling sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or pistachios. Yum!

Indulge every now and then

Completely forbidding yourself to consume chocolate will only get you in a state of craving chocolate. Also, switching between popular diets might seriously mess up your metabolism and cause weight gain (learn more about the dangers of fad diets). Don’t be harsh on yourself, but instead, try to train your discipline by having a handful of chips or one row of chocolate. By doing so, you won’t get in the state of desperately craving something until you lash out and overindulge. 

Always keep some pre-cut fruits and veggies in your fridge

Keeping unhealthy snacks out of your sight and reach can go a long way in preventing you from having them. Moreover, keeping pre-cut fruit and veggies in your fridge is a fantastic way to make intelligent choices regarding your snacks or your meals. Opening your fridge and finding deseeded pomegranate will help you stay on that smart-snacking path, and having pre-cut veggies can save you a lot of time in the kitchen.

Get it out on a treadmill

Direct your feelings of anger to a treadmill rather than a chocolate cake. You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym, but you can choose from numerous fun activities that will make you feel good, burn some extra calories and tone your body. Cardio of any kind helps your body release endorphins (a.k.a. happy hormones), can lead you to a state of mental clarity, and help you achieve weight loss after a breakup

Practice good bedtime and morning routines

How and when you go to sleep and wake up has a tremendous impact on your other daily habits. If you’re sleeping next to a cardboard pizza box, chances are you’re already on a weight-gain path. Try creating some calming nighttime rituals such as lighting candles and reading, and make sure to make your bed every morning. By doing so, you’ll feel way less tempted to go back into it and will have a greater chance of doing something productive.

Fill up on unrefined carbs and fiber

Carbs have been getting somewhat of a bad reputation lately. However, it’s important to distinguish good carbs from bad ones. The good ones are unrefined and high in fiber, which is precisely what you need to keep you in a good mood and support your gut health. You can start with whole grains, quinoa, brown rice, oats, and pretty much any type of beans. 

Get a protein-packed breakfast

A large bowl of sugary cereal may sound tempting, but it will seriously mess with your insulin levels, leaving you feeling hungry in less than a couple of hours. It will most likely also mess up your meal schedule throughout the day and cause frequent hunger spikes. Instead, opt for a protein-packed breakfast – something as simple as scrambled eggs will support your brain function, keep you full until lunch, and prevent snacking. In addition to that, eggs offer virtually endless possibilities when it comes to preparing them – you can make a zucchini omelet, eggs, and bacon, sprinkle some parmesan on top, etc. It’s time to get creative!

Spoil yourself the right way

Fast food might get you into a happy mood for a while, but how about treating yourself with a massage, a pedicure, or yoga classes? It’s up to you to find something that makes you feel amazing, helps to renew your relationship with yourself, and leads you to weight loss after a breakup. Let the feel-good-look-good cycle begin and never end! Be kind to yourself and start practicing some self-love.

Final thoughts

Weight loss after a breakup is not only possible but also very likely if you choose to follow the path we described above. Comfort can be found in many other things, other than sugar-packed ice creams and french fries covered in trans fats. Keep reminding yourself that partners can come and go, but you remain in the body you have, and it deserves to be treated as a temple. Here at our weight loss clinic, we advise our patients to try using affirmations to lose weight fast whenever they feel down. Try keeping your hands busy with anything from food prepping, being creative with a new project, or painting your nails – that way, you’ll keep your mind focused on something that will keep those pounds off and ensure you’re looking fabulous. 

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Chanay received her Practical Nurse licensure and went to work in clinical specialties such as Home Health, Assisted Living, Long-Term Care and Dialysis Centers. Through this work, she realized the importance of diet, nutrition and weight loss among her patients. This led her to open A Better Weigh, Inc. Medical Weight Loss Center in 2009.

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