Let Better Weigh help support your health and weight loss journey with routine lab services!

In our Comprehensive Weight Loss Panel, we offer an all-inclusive package where we provide effective and accurate tests that help detect imbalances in your hormone levels, measure the fat or cholesterol present in your blood, catch vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and more. All our tests are designed to help you track your progress and maintain your health and wellbeing.

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The tests included are:

Complete Blood Count - Testing your blood count can help identify variables that can cause difficulty in your weight loss management. This test helps measure all the factors that cause weight loss or weight gain, allowing you to create a more personalized, effective weight loss plan for your goals.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel - This is another blood-related test that measures 14 elements that are found in the blood, including glucose, calcium, and electrolytes, to give you more information about your body’s chemical balance and metabolism, which can affect your weight loss or health journey.

Lipid Panel - Measuring the amount of cholesterol (both “good” and “bad”) or fatty substances in your body is another way we help test to see if you are on the right track.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (THS) Test - This is also an effective blood test to test your thyroid and ensure it’s functioning properly. The thyroid controls your metabolism, so the thyroid is a vital gland that can support your weight loss journey.

Vitamin D - Did you know that there are studies that state vitamin D deficiency can help with weight loss? Among individuals who are obese, vitamin D deficiency is a common health characteristic found in most. Vitamin D can help slow down the parathyroid hormone, which can trigger fat accumulation in the body. That’s why we have a vitamin D test for our patients to determine if you require more vitamin D in your diet to help you with your weight loss progress.

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Our Protocol for Routine Lab Services

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Laboratory tests are required for all new patients by the second monthly office visit.

If you have already had labs drawn by your primary care physician within the last 6 months, you may bring a copy or fax it to us at

You will not be turned away for not having a physical at the time of your visit. A Better Weigh provides this service to you in-office as part of your medical evaluation.

Please note that our Comprehensive Weight Loss Panel is $100.

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