Weight loss clinic in Gary, IN

Weight loss clinic in Gary, IN

May 12. 2023

Transform Your Body with Gary, IN Weight Loss Clinic’s Proven Programs

Are you looking for a complete body transformation? You have just found the perfect place to start. Applying at a weight loss clinic in Gary, Indiana, is the right first step to a life-changing weight loss experience. Because losing weight is more than being thin; when you start losing weight, you will quickly notice how your overall life quality improves as well.

Millions of people embark on a body weight transformation every year. Achieving weight loss goals becomes easier when you have the support of experienced physicians by your side. A staff full of licensed doctors to guide you. And the right team to keep you motivated. That is precisely what our weight loss clinic in Chicago offers. We approach weight loss in a personalized way to meet your unique needs and goals.

Medical weight loss: An overview

Medical weight loss is a method that involves the help and guidance of a certified professional. They are essentially weight-management programs developed by educated and experienced physicians. The treatments are supported by science and are often proven successful via clinical trials or studies.

Those weight-management programs can be a personalized diet (like the keto diet or a vegetarian meal plan) combined with an exercise routine (aerobic exercise training, gym workouts, a sport, etc.). But most typically, they involve medical supplements because doctors can prescribe medications. Medical weight loss plans are more suitable for those who tried diet foods and physical activity without success.

In a medical weight loss journey, you will do much more than reduce the number on the scale. You will go through lifestyle changes that will benefit different areas of your life. We will slowly improve your eating habits, physical activity, and even your sleeping schedule. You will build new thinking habits, which will lead you to attain weight loss more efficiently.

How to find the right weight loss clinic

Have you tried countless unsustainable diets, and nothing is working? Then it is time to resort to a weight loss clinic in Gary, Indiana. Finding the right center is as important as finding the correct diet for you. The support you get from healthcare professionals can make or break your weight loss journey. Here is a list of things to look after when searching for the perfect weight loss clinic:

  • Licensed professionals: you want to always leave your health at the hands of certified doctors. Weight loss is a health matter; you need professionals who can create a safe weight loss program for you.
  • Reviews and testimonials: old patients’ reviews are vital when choosing a weight loss center in Gary. Check the testimonials on the clinic’s webpage or social media accounts. Ask about previous success stories and how the staff helped those patients achieve weight loss.
  • Sustainability of the treatments: their weight loss programs planned for long-term results? It can sound exciting to lose body fat quickly. But you must make sure the clinic offers a long-term, sustainable plan. That is crucial to keep the weight off once you finish the program.
  • They give you homework: a respected weight loss clinic will teach you new habits to perform in your daily life that will lead to a healthy weight. Just medications and no homework is a sign of an inefficient plan.
  • They care for your overall health: the staff will care for more than just you losing body fat. They will first check your current health state. After that, doctors will aim for weight loss plans that provide high blood pressure and diabetes prevention (common diseases related to being overweight).

3 tips for a successful medical weight loss

Are you starting a medical weight loss program? Good for you! Here are three tips to follow to guarantee the success of the program:


Personalization is key. You are more likely to succeed with a customized weight loss plan. Most fad diets are high in popularity but low in success rates. A personalized meal plan will ensure you lose pounds effortlessly with a low-carb diet. But simultaneously, you will get all the nutrients your body needs to function. On the same note, if the exercise routine you are given is tailored to your specific lifestyle and preferences, you will effortlessly put on your favorite leggings and get it done. The easier it is to stick to the program, the easier it will be to get results fast.

Get a complete medical checkup

A complete medical checkup is the number one step doctors at a clinic will perform. This step is vital to know if you have any underlying health issues compromising your weight loss ability. Also, a health condition can mean you are more suitable for a medical program. For example, you qualify for using Ozempic weight loss if you have a body mass index higher than 27 and suffer from a weight-related health condition.

Make the most of your time at the program

In a weight loss clinic, you will be guided by a team of professional doctors, dietitians, and nurses. Take advantage of this opportunity and the experience those healthcare providers bring to the table. Ask as many questions as you wish, request advice as needed, and ask for help whenever you struggle to stick to the program. Our team is there for you; we want to see you succeed. And we are at your disposal during the entire treatment.

Are you looking for weight loss solutions in Gary, IN?

Are you ready for a life-changing weight loss experience? At our weight loss clinic in Gary, Indiana, we can help you attain your dream weight. We will assist you by providing the latest and most successful programs, scientifically supported and tested. With our personalized treatments, you will transform your body and your life.

Schedule your appointment today to start your weight loss journey. We are eager to see how you reach your weight loss goal!

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Chanay received her Practical Nurse licensure and went to work in clinical specialties such as Home Health, Assisted Living, Long-Term Care and Dialysis Centers. Through this work, she realized the importance of diet, nutrition and weight loss among her patients. This led her to open A Better Weigh, Inc. Medical Weight Loss Center in 2009.