Each of our medically assisted weight loss programs is run under the direct supervision of a physician. After choosing the right fit for you, your program will be personalized to your unique needs and goals.

Start Small With

Our Basic Program

Lose 4-7 Pounds In 2 Weeks!

Perfect for when you need to drop the weight fast for a special event or lose those last few stubborn pounds, our Basic Program introduces you to the Better Weigh system and helps you lose 4-7 pounds in less than a month! For two weeks, you’ll be working with our medical staff to guide you through your quick weight loss period. We use carefully formulated, FDA-approved medication and various supplements to fire up your metabolism for faster fat-burning, control your cravings and hunger pangs, and get you back on track. With the help of our physicians and weight loss counselors, you’ll receive personalized support and direction to ensure you achieve weight loss success here at Better Weigh.

*If you wish to upgrade and rev up your fat-fighting efforts, you can also invest in our Lipo-Ignite® lipotropic injections while you’re on the Basic Program.

Get On The Fast Track To Big Weight Loss With

Our Excellerated Lipo-Ignite® Program!

Lose 2-3 pounds every week

Lose 2-3 pounds or inches off your waistline every week! Get quick, safe, and effective weight loss aid with our Lipo-Ignite® injections.

Shed 20-40 Pounds In Just 6 Weeks With

Our Clinically Proven Elite HCG Program!

20-40 Pounds In Just 6 Weeks

Get all you need for easy, breezy weight loss with our all-inclusive Elite Program that requires no exercise for you to melt fat and get lean.

Basic Program

Lose Those Last 5-10 Pounds With Our Quick & Easy Basic Program!

Excellerated Lipo-Ignite® Program

Make Weight Loss Stress-Free With Our Lipo-Ignite® Program!

Elite HCG Program

Enjoy Rapid 20-40 Pound Weight Loss With Our Elite HCG Program!