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Risks of taking phentermine without prescription

October 19. 2022

We live in a fast-paced world, and we are getting more and more use to getting results fast. Weight loss doesn’t escape this truth. When you start your weight loss journey, you probably want to see the outcomes as soon as possible. Due to that, people trying to lose weight resort to different alternatives besides diets and exercise. Some opt for natural sources like green coffee bean extract. But the most common alternatives are weight loss supplements such as appetite suppressants for weight loss. These weight loss supplements or weight loss pills, when used properly, help you reduce your body weight fast. One of the most popular and successful weight loss pills is phentermine, but can you use phentermine without a prescription?

What is phentermine?

There are tons of weight loss supplements, diet pills, appetite suppressants, and fat burners out there; a huge percentage of people trying to lose weight turn to one of these tools to burn fat fast. One of the most used tools is Adipex weight loss pills, most known by their generic name, phentermine.

Phentermine for weight loss is one of the most successful medications chosen by those who want to reduce their body weight. This prescription drug is a stimulant; it works by stimulating your central nervous system to release neurotransmitters – dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. When the levels of those chemicals increase, you start feeling full. Simply put, phentermine reduces your appetite. Phentermine is aimed at people with a Body Mass Index equal to or higher than 30, or slightly below that, in case they suffer from a weight-related health disease – like high blood pressure or diabetes. Including this weight loss supplement in your weight loss journey will aid you in increasing your average monthly weight loss. That, of course, when combined with a healthy diet and an exercise routine.

Is phentermine a good option for weight loss?

Weight loss supplements such as diet pills can help you kickstart your weight loss plan. Phentermine diet pills are approved by the FDA. Once this prescription drug takes effect, you’ll suffer fewer cravings and feel full longer. That way, you’ll end up eating less, and you’ll manage to stick to a diet almost effortlessly. So yes, phentermine is a great option to lose weight. If you’re struggling between a strict diet and working out regularly but still don’t see the desired results, maybe you need a little extra help. That is what weight loss supplements are for, to give you a hand to lose weight faster and easier. At our weight loss clinic in Chicago, we recommend you use phentermine to lose weight, but always under the supervision of a professional. Checking with a specialist before taking diet pills is highly advised.

Why you should not take phentermine without prescription

Prescribed drugs are prescribed by a doctor for a reason; actually, for many reasons. Diet pills are not an exception at all. Taking drugs that are not prescribed or over-the-counter medication can put your health in danger. If you’re trying to lose weight and want to achieve your goal fast, there are many ways to do that without turning to quick solutions, such as getting phentermine alternatives that don’t require prescriptions. The truth is, you may don’t even know how these phentermine alternatives work or how you are supposed to take them. That can lead to unwanted and potentially dangerous effects.

Taking phentermine without a prescription is unsafe. It can not only damage your health by, for instance, increasing your blood sugar levels, but it can also have an unwanted effect on your weight. Just like there is the proper diet and exercise routine for everyone, there is also the right drug and dosage for everyone. A professional will smoothly guide you through the best way to take pills to lose weight. They will also tell you about the drug’s side effects you may not be aware of and how important it is to keep in mind if you suffer from a health condition when taking a new drug. We know how easy and attractive it looks to buy phentermine online and start taking it, but once you inform yourself a little further about the risks of using phentermine without a prescription, we think you’ll change your mind.

Side effects

Like most drugs, phentermine comes with a list of side effects. Even though some of these side effects are not be a big deal, such as constipation, others can be potentially dangerous. And even a minor side effect like constipation can turn into a big deal if not treated correctly. That is what professionals are here for; besides informing you about the side effects of phentermine, they will assist you if you develop any of those effects.

A few of the most common phentermine side effects are constipation, dry mouth, and sleeplessness. In some patients, phentermine can cause increased heart rate and increased blood sugar levels. Regular checkups with your doctor are a must when you start to use this appetite suppressant or any phentermine alternatives. If you decide to buy phentermine without a prescription, those side effects can go unnoticed for too long and damage your health.

Phentermine is not for everyone

Phentermine is widely popular among patients who want to lose weight. Among all the diet pills on the market, this is the most successful one. It’s FDA-approved and used worldwide. Still, you may not check all the boxes for being eligible to take phentermine.

As mentioned earlier in this article, phentermine is recommended for those who suffer from certain weight-related diseases and can’t fight the obesity with a balanced diet and enough physical activity. People who are trying to tackle obesity sometimes find a lot of blocking on their path. Maybe you can reach your goal by just sticking to a diet meal plan and exercising; still, there are also other tools you can choose to help you lose weight that may be more suitable for you, such as a lipo C injection.

If you suffer from heart disease or high blood pressure, you shouldn’t use phentermine. Neither if you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. It’s best to check with your doctor before you start taking any medication, especially if you suffer from a medical condition or are currently taking other drugs.

You may not reach your weight goal

Phentermine usage and doses can vary depending on the patient – their current weight, how much weight they are trying to lose, and their diet, among other factors. You must remember that a good diet and exercise are needed to get the full benefits of phentermine.

A healthcare professional will advise you on how to start using phentermine in a safe way. A professional will also help you find the perfect diet and meal plan for you. Checking with a dietitian or nutritionist throughout your weight loss journey will make things easier. Your doctor will find the perfect balance between diets, exercise, and supplements, always keeping in mind your medical history. If you jump directly into phentermine without following a diet or a workout routine, then you may never reach your weight goal. You’ll be only wasting your time and money and putting your health in danger. Be smart, make an appointment with a specialist, and tell them you’re interested in taking phentermine. If they agree, you can start using phentermine to lose weight.

Internet scams

There are a lot of phentermine alternatives out there that don’t need prescriptions. Over-the-counter drugs to lose weight can seem very attractive if you’re not a fan of going to a doctor’s checkup. Most people turn to online stores to purchase Adipex weight loss pills because, that way, they don’t need a prescription. But you take many risks when purchasing medications on the internet, especially drugs without a prescription. You can buy phentermine online – or different phentermine alternatives. But we strongly advise you not to. Here’s why. Buying medications from a disreputable or unknown website doesn’t guarantee the quality of the drugs. You can end up with a low-quality medication that won’t make any effect at all. Or even worst, it can prejudice your health. There are tons of medical scams on the internet, fake pharmacies selling fake drugs. Avoid falling into these traps only to get away with buying phentermine without a prescription. You’ll save money and time by reaching out to a healthcare professional and getting a prescription.

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Using the benefits of phentermine to lose weight is a great idea. Skipping the appointment with a specialist and getting phentermine without a prescription – not so much. The risks are many, and some of them can lead to dangerous outcomes, from being scammed when purchasing diet pills online to a severe increase in your blood sugar levels without you noticing it. Take care of your weight while taking care of your health. If you’re jumping on board with a weight plan and decide to boost it with supplements, contact a professional. Our team performs all the lab testing for weight loss you need to deliver the best weight loss program for you. Get in touch with us today.

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