palatable protein powder recipes

5 Palatable Protein Powder Recipes

April 19. 2021

Protein powder is so much more flexible than we’re giving it credit for. The typical connotation associated with protein powders ranges from chalky or gritty to the extreme “protein bro” vision. This substance is so much more than that! We shouldn’t be resigned to the same old bland shake that we mindlessly drink, day in and day out. When used in various distinctive ways, you can reap the nutritional benefits while creating something worth eating. Whether you’re trying to bulk up or are utilizing it as a meal replacement, staff from our weight loss clinic decided to present you several protein powder recipes that are sure to leave you happy and healthy.

Protein Shake with a Twist

Our Pick: Banana Protein Shake

Gone are the days of a shaker bottle with water and your protein powder. No, there are great ways to take an old standby and spice it up to meet your needs!

The general base formula for a tasty protein shake remains a mix of milk, yogurt, and protein powder. The fantastic thing about this base is that it’s open to interpretation, able to be modified to fit your eating habits or allergies. Dairy-free? Substitute almond milk and coconut yogurt to retain the creaminess that comes from the dairy products. 

Blending in a frozen fruit of your choice will keep you coming back to this shake over and over. Because you can mix various fruits or cycle through your old favorites, each shake is a fresh, mouthwatering experience. By mixing it up (literally), you’ll keep your palate guessing which delicious breakfast shake is coming next.

Are you looking to spice up your shake? Try adding some actual spice! Cinnamon enhances the flavor profile of any protein shake. Even crazier, adding something like chia seeds to your blended protein shake adds a bit extra nutritional value without compromising taste.

Another Spin on Breakfast

Our Pick: Protein Powder Pancakes

Are you searching for some more robust protein powder recipes to fill you up for breakfast? Look no further than protein powder pancakes! Many recipes may recommend ingredients like bananas, oats, or both; if you’re looking for something without those ingredients, the above-linked recipe is for you.

Using only four ingredients, this recipe packs a protein punch and tastes great at the same time! Eggs, milk, baking powder, and protein powder are the four simple ingredients, but you can also add blueberries or even chocolate chips if you’re looking to add additional flavor.

Regardless of your extra choices, protein pancakes represent a great way to add protein to your routine without only drinking a bland water-based smoothie. You won’t even realize you’re eating something packed with upwards of 36 grams of protein –they are that tasty!

Bold Dinner Decisions

Our Pick: Chicken Pasta

In the world of protein powders, you can easily stay within the bland realm of relatively “safe” ways to consume protein powder. Instead, why not venture out and be bold? Adding a protein powder to a pasta sauce may seem wild, but it’s a great way to explore incredible taste while generating some additional protein intake.

Various protein powder recipes add the protein powder to the pasta sauce, so the choice is yours on which way to go. Watch out, though: it may be extra essential to verify precisely what type of protein powder a recipe calls for. It may not taste that great adding a chocolate whey protein powder to a chicken alfredo recipe!

Because the protein powder is mixed right in with the sauce, there’s little risk of the negative chalky taste commonly associated with protein powder. By coupling this with protein-rich meat, you’re sure to meet your protein needs without compromising on taste.

Doubling Up on Dessert

Our Picks: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Cheesecake and Pumpkin Vanilla Cookies

Bonus! There are so many ways to mix up dessert protein powder recipes, so it should be no problem to satisfy your sweet tooth while also maintaining great nutritional benefits. Desserts present a great way to add protein powder since most desserts are baked, alleviating gritty tasting powder concerns.

Are you feeling ambitious enough to attempt a cheesecake? While they may seem overwhelming, the actual cheesecake making process is more time-consuming than difficult. The above-linked recipe offers a decadent take on this comforting dessert, packing in upwards of 20 grams of protein per slice of cheesecake! As mentioned, it may be a bit more time, but the wait is indeed worth it for this dessert.  The complementary peanut butter and chocolate pairing work nicely in this airy cheesecake; once again, you won’t even realize how much protein benefit you’re getting from a dish like this.

If you lack the ambition but still want a distinctive taste profile, take a shot at adding protein powder to your preferred cookie recipe. The Pumpkin Vanilla Cookies linked above present an out-of-this-world taste with only the cleanest ingredients, allowing you to feel great about what is going into your body. How often can we say that about dessert? Take advantage while you can! With other ingredients (like oat flour and Greek yogurt) that add ample protein, this recipe will kick your protein consumption into overdrive; this dessert splurge won’t compromise your nutrition!

The Protein World is Your Kitchen

We’ve presented a few ways to change up your protein intake to include better-tasting food, but the world truly is your kitchen. It may not seem like it, but protein powder truly is flexible, as evidenced by the range of recipes presented here. Be sure to explore additional protein powder recipes out there, ensuring that your taste and nutritional preferences are met. You can even tweak the above recipes, creating your own!

Whether looking to increase protein for mass building or even just as a meal replacement to cut cravings, protein powder represents a great way to achieve your nutritional goals.

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

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