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Semaglutide peptide therapy: How it can boost your weight loss

February 8. 2023

Are you currently struggling to achieve body weight loss? Diet and physical activity are necessary to achieve your goal, but extra aid is sometimes needed. If you are battling obesity or are overweight, your weight loss program can be incredibly improved by using supplements. The world keeps moving forward, and new technological advances help make our lives easier; the same is happening with weight loss aiders. A bunch of new supplements is coming to the surface, with one rapidly rising to the top: semaglutide peptide.

Obesity affects over 50 million people around the world. This complex weight condition often negatively affects the lifestyle of people who suffer from it since it can lead to other health diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and high blood pressure. At our weight loss clinic in Chicago, we take our mission of helping overweight and obese patients to regain control of their health through the most efficient weight loss programs. On that note, we want to introduce the benefits of semaglutide peptide for body weight loss.

Semaglutide peptide, a drug initially developed to treat type 2 diabetes, is leading the current weight management game. With an average weight loss of over 14% of body weight, this relatively new drug’s results are outstanding and unparalleled. There are no doubts among professionals that semaglutide peptide has come to stay. Semaglutide peptide therapy is what you need if you are looking for a weight management program that promises results – and delivers them.

What is semaglutide?

If you are in the middle of a weight loss venture, we bet you have heard about some weight loss supplements that contain semaglutide. Semaglutide has become increasingly popular during the past year for being the main component of supplement brands such as Ozempic weight loss and Wegovy, among others. While Ozempic was developed to treat adults with type 2 diabetes, and Wegoby is essentially used to lose weight, both medications are manufactured at Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical. Ozempic and Wegovy gained a lot of fame in the U.S. and the rest of the world because they became the supplement of choice for many celebrities. But what really makes them stand out is their weight loss benefits.

Semaglutide is an antidiabetic medication for adults and a receptor agonist. That means this drug mimics a human hormone; in this case, semaglutide mimics glucagon-like peptide or GLP-1. This hormone is produced in the small intestine and promotes insulin secretion while reducing glucagon secretion; the effect lowers blood sugar and helps control blood glucose levels. That is significantly important for people with type 2 diabetes since their bodies do not use or produce insulin normally, which can cause high blood sugar levels.

Semaglutide is a peptide with a sequence of 31 amino acids chain connected together by peptide linkages. Compared to GLP-1, the human hormone it mimics, semaglutide has two amino acid substitutions (Aib8 and Arg34). Semaglutide peptide comes in both injectable and oral formulations. However, it has proven to be more effective via subcutaneous injections when used for weight loss purposes. In June 2021, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved semaglutide as a once-a-week injection to be used for weight loss treatments.

Possible side effects

Like any drug, semaglutide can cause some unwanted adverse effects. Among the most common adverse events, it presents nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, stomach ache, fatigue, redness, inflammation, and itchiness in the injection area. These minor side effects usually go away after a few weeks on the medicine; sometimes, they do not occur at all. If not taken under medical supervision, semaglutide can cause serious adverse events such as chronic kidney disease, vision problems, low blood sugar levels, or pancreatitis. While those symptoms are rare, we still encourage you to only start taking semaglutide under the guidance of a healthcare professional. All our weight loss programs are accompanied by experienced specialists that will monitor your progress every step of the way.

What are peptides?

Now you know what semaglutide is and how it works. But what about peptides? And how are they related to weight loss? Peptides are molecules formed by a chain of at least two amino acids linked by peptide linkages. Most times, peptides are confused with proteins; both molecules have a lot in common, but their main difference is their size. Peptide molecules are basically smaller proteins; peptides are regarded as “building blocks” for proteins. It takes at least a string of 50 amino acids or more to form a protein.

These biologically occurring molecules are found in all living organisms and are vital for a wide range of body functions. There are many different types of peptides. Their classification depends on the amino acid unions, amino acid quantity, and their functions in the human body. Peptides bring numerous benefits for our health. For years, the medical and healthcare industry has used peptides as part of supplements to enhance health and protect the body from damage.

Two peptide supplements are widely popular, and you probably heard about them: collagen and creatine. Collagen peptide has skin health and anti-aging benefits. And creatine improves strength, helps increase muscle mass, promotes energy, and helps your body to recover after exercise. Other bioactive peptides can help you control blood glucose levels, lower high blood pressure, kill microbes, improve your immune system, and reduce inflammation.

Are peptides safe for weight loss? As mentioned, peptides do a lot for our overall health. These molecules signal our cells to improve their specific functions, heal, and increase their lifespan. With the guidance of a professional healthcare group, taking peptide supplements can take your weight loss goal to the next level safely and efficiently.

How does semaglutide help you lose weight?

How will a diabetes drug that inhibits glucagon secretion make me lose weight? To help control blood glucose levels, semaglutide work by increasing the amount of insulin your pancreas produces and also reduces the amount of glucagon produced by your liver. Those actions affect your gastric emptying, which is the time food takes to leave your stomach. GLP-1 hormone slows down the gastric emptying process making food stay in your stomach longer than usual. That will leave you feeling satisfied for longer, reduce food cravings, and make you less hungry throughout the day.

Less appetite means a lower calorie intake. As we all know, you need to be at a calorie deficit to lose weight. Since you will not feel hunger spikes during the day, with this drug’s aid, sticking to a low-calorie diet will become an much easier task. However, semaglutide, or any weight loss supplement, can not take you to your dream goal alone; you still need to commit to changing your lifestyle. This hormone shows more significant results when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Most patients also resort to intermittent fasting to boost the aid of semaglutide. Intermittent fasting for women over 50 – an age group that finds it particularly difficult to lose weight – has been proven as an effective kick-start to losing weight fast when combined with semaglutide peptide supplements.

How should I use semaglutide supplements?

The use and dosage of semaglutide can vary depending on the specific brand you are taking. But as a general rule, the FDA approved semaglutide to be used as a weekly weight loss supplement. The drug is tasked via a subcutaneous injection on your stomach, thighs, or upper arm. You will start with a low dosage, often around 0.25mg. Along the journey, your healthcare professional will slowly increase the dosage. The maximum dosage also depends on the supplement you are on and your specific needs. The higher the dose, the better performance of semaglutide. Still, we encourage you always to follow the recommendations of your doctor and not increase the dosage on your own.

Semaglutide peptide supplements are tailored for adults with a body max index (BMI) of 30 or higher (obesity) or a BMI of at least 27 (significantly overweight) with a weight-related health condition. During a clinical trial conducted by Novo Nordisk, patients taking the semaglutide supplement presented an average of 15% weight loss after the 68 weeks the study lasted. Numbers speak for themselves; semaglutide is one of the most potent weight loss supplements on the market. On December 2022, the FDA approved semaglutide to treat obesity in adolescents aged 12 or older. Slowly and steadily, this drug is improving the quality of life of thousands of people by helping them reach a healthy weight.

Benefits of combining semaglutide and BPC-157 peptide

As mentioned above, peptides provide incredible and different health benefits for our bodies, weight loss among them. Recovering from injuries or an intensive workout can sometimes come faster than with prescription medicine. BPC-157 peptide is a 15 amino acid chain that helps your body heal faster than almost any drug on the market. This compound is delivered from proteins found in the human digestive juices. You can take the BPC-157 peptide in oral capsules or via injection and obtain its rejuvenating and healing properties.

When combined, semaglutide and BPC-157 peptide create a powerful tool that will take your weight loss journey to another level. These are some of the benefits of combining semaglutide and BPC-157 peptide:

Recovery and more energy

This peptide combination will help your body heal faster after an injury. It also aids in recovery after exercise efforts speed after. The faster you recover after a workout session at the gym, the more energy you will have to go back the next day. It also improves joint pain, so if that is a problem for you when working out, it will help the pain go away. By sticking to your physical activity regime, you will see weight loss results much faster.

No more cravings

Say goodbye to hunger spikes in the middle of the day. This peptide combination targets your brain, letting it know you are full and do not need more food for a while. With a reduced appetite, a low-calorie diet will be much more manageable for you. Stick to your healthy meal plan, and watch the extra pounds go away.

Muscle growth

This peptide mix is perfect for muscle development. BPC-157 peptide helps with muscle tissue and tendon healing, a vital aspect of the muscle growth process. If body recomposition is your goal – losing fat and gaining muscle – this combination is here to assist you in achieving that with ease. Keep in mind that losing inches but not weight is normal when aiming to change your body composition. As long as you are getting healthier, your efforts are working.

Reduce inflammation

BPC-157 peptide does a great job of reducing inflammation. There is a link between weight gain and inflammation. Different body mechanisms are responsible for chronic inflammation in obesity. BPC-157 peptide anti-inflammatory properties target tissue and organs. It helps treat inflammatory bowel syndrome and reduces general inflammatory pain.

Decreases side effects

One of the most common side effects of semaglutide is nausea. While it tends to stop after a few weeks into the treatment, it can be unpleasant. Combining semaglutide with BPC-157 peptide will help your body control nausea, making the treatment much more pleasant.

Final thoughts

Semaglutide is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite weight loss supplement. And we can not blame people for choosing this drug when the results are unprecedented. When combined with the BPC-157 peptide, the effects are even better. Semaglutide peptide therapy can help you scale the weight loss game fast and smoothly, leading you directly toward your goals. We always advise using these aiders under the guidance of a healthcare professional or team.

Do you still have questions about semaglutide? We are happy to provide you with the answers. Schedule your appointment with us to learn more about this incredible weight loss therapy.

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