Accelerate Your Weight Loss With Our Better Weigh Supplements

Give yourself a boost in your weight loss journey with Better Weigh’s exclusive products! Our weight loss aids are specially formulated with fat-fighting super nutrients that melt away the fat – for good.

Give Your Metabolic Powerhouse A Boost!

Activ Thyroid® is our special thyroid health supplement that helps increase thyroid hormone production, which in turn enhances your metabolic rate for faster fat burning. Packed with nutrients and natural ingredients proven to support thyroid health!

Curb Your Hunger & Cravings Instantly!

Make controlling your hunger pangs easier than ever with our Full-Feel® appetite suppressant. This unique supplement features tablets that safely expand in your stomach to give you that “Full-Feel” feeling and sends the message to your mind that you’re no longer hungry. Full-Feel® also clings to fat and sugar molecules to keep your body from storing these fat-causing pests.

Detox Your Body & Lose Those Few Extra Pounds!

Flush out the impurities and extra bloat in your body with our Go Gently® colon-cleansing supplement. Gentle and effective, this physician-approved detoxifying weight loss aid gives you enough for a short 15-day cleanse or occasional colon cleanses when you need to drop a few pounds before a major event or to simply jumpstart your weight loss journey.

Reduce Fat and Improve Your Liver Functioning!

Formulated with premium and clinically proven lipotropics nutrients, our Lipo Re-Ignite® is an injection-free, surgery-free oral weight loss supplement with essential fat-burning agents, such as choline, inositol, and B vitamins. Lipo Re-Ignite® also helps keep your liver healthy and functioning properly to eliminate unwanted fat.

Lose The Pounds With Just A Few Sprays A Day!

For a quick and easy weight loss aid that you don’t need to swallow, the Lipo Re-Ignite® SL Spray gives you all the fat-fighting components without the pill or needle. This sublingual weight loss liquid supplement features three superfoods – African Mango, Green Coffee Bean, and Raspberry Ketones – to optimize fat-burning and hunger-stopping with natural ingredients.

Safe Weight Loss Injections - At Home!

Get the slim-and-trim body you’ve always wanted in the comfort of your own home using our Lipo Ignite® injections – no visits to the clinic needed! With our lipotropic injections, you can finally get your body to do what you want: shed the fat, amp up your metabolism, and skyrocket your energy levels.

Sleep Better, Weigh Less!

Did you know that lack of sleep and stress are major factors that cause weight gain? With our Sweet Dreamz® melatonin supplement, you’ll be able to slip into a deep slumber every night! Melatonin is the main sleep hormone, and adding Sweet Dreamz® to your bedtime routine ensures that you have enough for stress-free sleep.


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Maybe it’s your 1st time trying to lose weight… or maybe it’s your 100th attempt… No matter where you are in your journey, if you’re ready to lose the weight and keep it off forever, grab any of our weight loss supplements today to give yourself the support you need for A Better Weigh.