trick your stomach into feeling full

Effective ways to trick your stomach into feeling full

June 2. 2022

Let’s face it – the last thing you want to hear when trying to lose weight is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution and that each body is very different. We feel you with this one; in the era of countless diets, it feels like it’s never been more challenging to lose some extra pounds. While this is partially true because most popular diets are actually pretty unhealthy and not maintainable, another big reason is that most people are still unaware of some weight loss ground rules. Having a balanced diet, enough physical activity, and the right mindset are the cornerstones of every successful weight loss journey. But what happens when there’s miscommunication between your mind and your stomach? You start getting everything right but can’t cope with the intense feeling of hunger no matter what you do. We’ve decided to create a list of the most effective ways to trick your stomach into feeling full, to help you overcome intense hunger spikes and stay on the right weight-loss track:

Take some time to count your bites

You’ve probably been introduced to the importance of counting your bites at least once in your life. It may have even been during your childhood when the adults tried to get you to chew more slowly to reduce the risk of choking. However, now that you’re an adult, it’s good to know how counting your bites can trick your stomach into feeling full. Proper chewing can increase your mindfulness during a meal and your awareness regarding what and how much you eat. In addition to that, proper chewing leads to proper digestion. Keeping your digestion in place goes a long way in preventing hunger spikes.

Get artsy with your plates

Another tip that’s bound to increase your mindfulness around food is to get artsy with your plate. By taking some time to prepare and arrange your plate in a nice and pleasing way, you’re slowly tricking your stomach into feeling full so that once you sit down to eat, chances are you’ll eat way less than if you ate straight out of a pan or a food container.

Keep it zen while eating

We all know a little something about the negative impact of distractions while you’re eating. Still, not many of us implement that knowledge and remove anything that may occupy our attention around food. Since activities such as scrolling through your phone, reading a magazine, or watching television can shift your attention from your stomach and appetite to whatever you’re doing, we strongly recommend you take some zen time and enjoy every bite of your meal whenever it’s possible. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly you start feeling full and how necessary it often is to fill up your plate more than once.

Adjust your bedtime routine

People are trying to accomplish so much during the day that it appears that sleep is a bit overrated and not so necessary nowadays. Unfortunately, this mindset will get you nowhere near your goal of trying to trick your stomach into feeling full. If you choose to go to bed a bit more early, not only will you have no time for a late-night snack, but it also balances out the hormones that tell your body whether or not you’re hungry. In addition to that, it’s good to know that our bodies desire carbs and not so nutritious foods whenever we’re tired. With that in mind, give your body plenty of time to rest. If you genuinely struggle with feeling tired, you’ll most likely find Lipo Ignite® injections beneficial since they increase your energy levels continually.

Keep a food journal

If you start keeping a food diary and commit yourself to write down everything you eat, would you still eat those fries? How would they fit into the rest of your meals filled with nutritious whole foods?

Create some obstacles

Removing any unhealthy treats from your eyesight and positioning the healthy ones in their place is another excellent way to avoid those unwanted hunger spikes. But you can also go a bit further and create obstacles between you and the food; research has shown that even some minor obstacles go a long way in preventing you from eating when it’s not necessary.

Add some spiciness to your life

Spicy food such as chili and cayenne peppers can do wonders for weight loss; not only do they act as appetite suppressants, but they are also considered thermogenic food, which can help your body burn more fat and boost metabolism.

Treat yourself after breakfast

This one may come as a surprise, but treating yourself to something sweet after a protein-filled breakfast can actually curb your hunger and trick your stomach into feeling full later on during the day. However, don’t go overboard with your morning treat and instead choose a small quantity of something you enjoy. That will prevent the “forbidden fruit” effect, and it won’t make you feel like you’re putting extraordinary efforts into losing weight.

Skip the cooking shows

You may have witnessed this already, but people generally tend to feel hungry whenever they’re watching cooking shows – even if they’ve just had a meal. Therefore, it’s best to limit your time watching these shows only when necessary, looking for a new recipe, etc.

Drink (and eat) your water

Our bodies are true wonders; they’re capable of almost anything, but they still sometimes fail to tell hunger from thirst. Therefore, make sure to drink enough water and consume foods packed with this amazing liquid. You’ll be surprised how it affects your appetite and tricks your stomach into feeling full.

Avoid sodium

High sodium food causes dehydration, leading to water retention and the possibility of those hunger spikes that are just hidden thirst. Moreover, too much salt can make you crave something sweet to balance it out, creating a cycle you do not want to enter.

Don’t forget that healthy food can be filling

This tip won’t trick your stomach into feeling full, but it should remind you to make the right choices around food. Unfortunately, healthy and whole foods often get a bad rep for keeping your stomach growling. However, the truth is that healthy food contains so many nutritious elements and feeds every part of your body the way it should. Therefore, take some time to learn and enjoy cooking balanced meals.

Consider trying appetite suppressant supplements

Appetite suppressants, such as Full-Feel®, don’t only curb your appetite. They are often made to absorb fat and sugar molecules, preventing the body from absorbing too much and storing them as fat. When you take a capsule with an 8-ounce glass of water, this supplement expands in size, giving you a sense of fullness and signaling to your mind that you’re no longer hungry. Still, keep in mind you should always check in with your physician before taking any weight-loss supplement.

Embrace some full-fat dairy

It’s now well known that foods high in protein and healthy fats can prevent you from snacking and keep you going without struggling until your next meal. Full-fat dairy, for instance, can be an excellent base for some fabulous smoothies. Therefore, instead of fearing full-fat dairy, we suggest you run from those low-fat versions that will leave you craving carbs for the rest of the day.

Wear form-fitting clothes

Save your comfy clothes for a gym or yoga session; when having a meal, form-fitting clothes can do a lot when it comes to preventing you from overindulging. Once you feel things are starting to feel a bit tighter, you’re bound to instantly trick your stomach into feeling full.

Take a power nap

This one supports our bedtime routine tip – instead of grabbing a sugar-packed coffee or an energy drink to keep you awake, we recommend you start embracing the power of a good nap. A power nap shouldn’t last long, leaving you little to no excuses to skip one when you need it.

Final thoughts

As mentioned in the beginning, it can be demotivating to know that what has helped someone you know to lose weight might not work for you. Still, it’s essential to break through that negative feeling and continue searching for all the amazing things that actually work for you. Try not to stress over incorporating every single one of these tips to trick your stomach into feeling full, and instead find which of them do the work for you. Also, keep in mind that there could always be an underlying issue preventing you from losing weight, even if you feel like you’re doing everything right. In such cases, you should get in touch with medical weight loss professionals in Chicago, who will use their expertise, knowledge, and time to find and cure any of those hidden obstacles.

Nurse Walton


Nurse Walton

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, Chanay received her Practical Nurse licensure and went to work in clinical specialties such as Home Health, Assisted Living, Long-Term Care and Dialysis Centers. Through this work, she realized the importance of diet, nutrition and weight loss among her patients. This led her to open A Better Weigh, Inc. Medical Weight Loss Center in 2009.

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